Our Story

Who we are

The idea for Kia-Charlotta was born because of all the time and effort it took for me Kia, the co-founder, to find good quality, vegan and more natural make-up. It was out there, yes, but it took a lot of effort to find it and there was no one brand I could go to and always trust to get 100% vegan, cruelty free and more natural products. One day on a cold and rainy February day I was painting my nails only to realise that the nail polish I had was old, not vegan and had harmful ingredients in it. This is when I thought enough is enough. The vegan market is growing, people are looking for more conscious and healthy options and consumers are starting to lean towards a more simple and minimalistic lifestyle. The market needs a beauty brand that feeds these new trends. So, I decided to this myself. 

I started the brand development by myself, but it wasn’t long until my life partner Alex joined me in the adventure. He is more of the behind the scenes character but he plays a very important part in the business. Together we wanted to create a company which we love and where we could be 100% our authentic selves. 

›For us, it is of upmost importance to create quality products. Building this brand wouldn’t happen overnight. Therefore, we are starting with nail polish. That’s where the idea stemmed from and we wanted that to be our first take in creating the kind of product that we would love to use and have on our shelves. With time, Kia-Charlotta will with no doubt build up its portfolio so that we become the greatest 100% vegan beauty company with a variety of products. That’s the vision, that’s the goal.‹

We knew what our beauty brand would be all about. We wanted it to be something completely different than the conventional brands out there. It was very important for us to create something authentic, something fun and something that would be more than just about the shallow side of beauty.

›Our motto for Kia-Charlotta is ›beauty with a soul‹. It truly describes the whole brand from marketing to product development. It means we don’t harm animals in the making of our products, it means we strive to create products that are healthier for people and our planet and finally, it means giving joy to others through positivity and inspiration. We love helping people, and whenever someone we know is feeling sad, stressed or anything negative, we try to help to give them a reason to smile. That’s why all Kia-Charlotta nail polishes have a name and story that can hopefully give you a boost of positivity as well as a beautiful colour to your nails.‹

We are so proud of what we have achieved so far. Everything we do and create feels good and is fun. Of course, we have many people who have helped us along the way and we want to thank anybody who has helped and been a part of this project. 

Why Vegan?

Pushing aside the rather subjective fact that we just absolutely love and adore every animal and do not want to cause any harm to them (that’s why we are vegan), to this question we often like to answer, why not? If you have ever patted or looked at any animal, you would have seen their eyes and their soul. You see they experience joy, fear, stress and love just like we do. That’s why we are against animal testing, and because we do not differentiate between animals or creatures, our products are also 100% vegan. The quality is amazing and the colours are beautiful. Why not choose vegan? ;)

We love our Planet

While our nail polish has a toxin-free formula, it is not natural. That’s why we encourage our customers to choose one of our set of three nail polish packages from our collection which either resonates with them the most or from which they like the colours the most. Each nail polish bottle contains five millilitres, which makes three bottles just enough for a whole season after which we come out with new, trend-focused colours filled with new inspiration. We will also show you how to recycle nail polish properly so we can all do our part in causing the least harm to the environment.

Less is More

One thing that we have never managed to finish up is a nail polish bottle. We always had to throw them away half empty because after a couple of years the quality starts to fade. To be honest, this was the case with a lot of our make-up. Minimalism is very trendy right now and we love it. We don’t like living with clutter and, especially with endless amounts of nail polish half of which we do not use. Imagine just 1-3 beautiful colours on your shelf, in a beautiful bottle that you know you love to use. That’s what we want to give to you. We bring only 15 colours per season (spring and summer/ fall and winter) that are in trend and fun which we know you will love. They are also always limited because we don’t want to create waste by having an excess amount of stock. We truly believe less = MORE.

We hope you enjoy our products and brand and we are excited to have you join us in creating beauty from the soul.

We would love for you to be a part of the Kia-Charlotta tribe! Make sure to send or share your pictures with our nail polish. Tell us why you love the color + we would love to hear an experience which has helped shape the beautiful soul you are today. Use #kiacharlotta and #beautyfromthesoul. We can’t wait to see and read your pictures and posts. If you don’t mind us sharing your picture tell us by using #sharemysoulstory.