NEW Fall-Winter 2019 Nail Polish Trend Colours

In today’s video we reveal our new Fall-Winter 2019 colours and their names. The new collection will launch 01.09.2019!! As per usual, our new trend collection includes some of the top trend colours of the season including an almond brown, a blue stone and a chili red. We also love to mix it up and include some metallics as well as non-metallics. We are super excited to hear your feedback and what YOUR favourite colour will be this fall winter!

A Super Summery Nail Art Tutorial

“Day dreams & ice creams!”
Today’s nail art is perfect for this year’s summer season: it’s colourful, it’s fun and easy to do. One of the best things about summer? The ABUNDANCE of ice cream which is why we decided to put the ice cream on our nails. Check out our tutorial video to create this awesome, super summery nail art.

6 Summer Wedding Nail Polish Colours 2019

The wedding season is upon us and in August some of us have several beautiful weddings to attend. One of the best things about weddings is choosing which dress and which make up to wear. Of course, we cannot forget about nail polish and we have got you covered! Check out our top 6 nail polish colours for this summer’s wedding season. No matter what colour your dress is – we have a nail polish for you!

Natural Nail Manicure – 2 Ways

For all of you who prefer a more minimal manicure, like to keep it simple or simply prefer an easy to maintain manicure – this tutorial is for you! In today’s video we show you two easy and simple ways to create a natural nail manicure which will make your natural nails look like fresh from the salon! We hope you enjoy!

5 Tips to BOOST Your Nail Health

Do your nails feel weak and tend to chip easily? The number one rule for maintaining a long-lasting manicure is to apply your nail polish onto healthy nails. In today’s video we are sharing 5 super simple and easy tips on what you can do a consistent and regular basis to boost your nail health!

2 Minimalistic Wedding Nail Art Designs

Today’s tutorial(s) is perfect for those summer weddings. We wanted to share not one but two beautiful minimalistic nail art designs that are easy to do and will literally go with absolutely any colour and dress. Weddings are something special and they deserve a little bit of extra attention when it comes to our hair, make-up and also nails! We hope you enjoy today’s tutorial!

Smoothie for Strong & Healthy Nails

Strong and healthy nails start from within. Good nutrition filled with all the necessary vitamins, minerals and proteins that our body needs to THRIVE will keep our nails as well as hair and skin looking healthy and radiant. Today we are sharing an amazing and tasty green smoothie recipe that is filled with vitamins and minerals to boost your nail strength and growth (ps. It’s also amazing for our hair). We hope you enjoy!

Easy DIY French Manicure

A forever classic manicure is the French manicure. With perfect white tips and shiny perfect pink “natural” nail will make your nails look flawless and elegant. We are so happy to share this DIY French manicure tutorial with you because it is super easy! No need to pay for an expensive manicure for beautiful chic nails.

Summer Foot Care Routine

Yes, it’s finally that time of the year where flip flops and sandals have become our daily footwear! This means it’s also time to start pampering our feet so that they look summer glam all summer long. In today’s video Kia is sharing her simple foot care routine which she can easily incorporate into her weekly routine. This easy routine will help keep your feet looking soft and well taken care of especially in these summer months. We hope you enjoy!

Summer Pink Nail Polishes

Pink is a nail polish basic and we should all have one beautiful pink nail polish in our collection. In today’s video we have out all our summer pink nail polishes in one swatch video so you can better see which pink nail polish is most you! Are you a bright pink, a glitter pink, a transparent pink or a nude pink? Let us know!

Poppy Nail Art Tutorial

A clear sign of summer is when all the flowers like poppies are full in bloom! I don’t know about you, but we love flowers and how they can instantly brighten up a room or anything else for that matter. So today, in celebration of the beginning of this glorious time of year, lets paint some flowers on our nails. We hope you enjoy this poppy nail art tutorial.

Eco-Friendly Beauty Tips

People are becoming more aware of the amount of waste they produce which is why low waste and package free concepts and stores are becoming more and more popular. However, our beauty routines are such a big part of our daily lives that it can be hard to adjust it to be more sustainable and eco-friendly In today’s video we have gathered some tips on what you can change up in your beauty routine to be more eco-friendly. We hope you enjoy!
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