Easy & Simple Christmas Nail Art Design

To all you Christmas fans – we have a special tutorial for you today! In today’s video we are sharing a simple & easy yet beautiful Christmas nail art design which any one of us can easily recreate at home!

5 Tips to enjoy Christmas as a Vegan

It’s already the beginning of December and most of us are slowly starting to prepare for Christmas. If you are vegan (or perhaps vegetarian), Christmas can be a more difficult time of the year where we are confronted with many scenarios which don’t typically align with our ethical values. In today’s post we wanted to give you our tips on how to fully enjoy this amazing time of year as a vegan!

Introducing our vegan & natural nail polish remover

We are super excited to finally introduce you to the new member of Kia-Charlotta; our much-awaited vegan and natural nail polish remover! In today’s video and blog post we will tell you about what makes our nail polish remover so special. The product itself will be launched during December in our online shop and will be available in store as of 2020.

Nail Polish Gift Guide

Nail polish is an amazing option to give as a gift to one of your loved ones this Christmas. Why? Because it’s an affordable option which she (or he), if they use nail polish, will most definitely find useful and fun. Better yet is to choose a vegan & cruelty-free nail polish with less toxins! In today’s video we will give you some amazing tips and suggestions on which colours and products to choose for an amazing gift.

How to Avoid Dry Hands & Nails in Winter

Most of us know that familiar uncomfortable feeling of dry, itchy & brittle hands and nails that the winter months bring us. As the air gets colder it starts to strip the natural oils from our hands which results in us having dryer hands. Luckily there are simple habits and things we can do to avoid dry hands in the winter and keep them feeling soft and nourished.

3 Amazing Oils for Your Nails

As the weather is getting crisp and cold you might start to notice that your hands and nails feel dry, they break easier and they just look and feel uncared for. In todays’ video and blog we talk about three of the best, affordable and easy-to-find oils that are going to do wonders to your skin, cuticles and nails.

Red Nail Polishes

The one colour that is always safe and goes with absolutely anything when it comes to nail polish is red. Red is the absolute classic colour in nail polish and the good news is that there are so many beautiful shades of red that anybody can find the one that is perfect for them. See our video today featuring all our red nail polishes.

Healthy Vegan Pumpkin Spice Latte

We are at the beautiful season of October when we can truly say that it is now autumn. During the fall season we all want to get a bit more cozy and enjoy the simple things of life especially a hot beverage and a pumpkin spice latte is the perfect autumnal hot beverage that will not only keep you warm, but it tastes amazing and even serves as a little snack. Check out our video for the recipe.

Trendy Autumnal Mismatch Nails

One of the top nail trends of 2019 is definitely the “mismatch” nails where each nail has a different colour and the trend continues into the fall season. In today’s video we show you a perfect autumn mismatch manicure which is going to be perfect for the sweater weather season. We hope you enjoy!

Top 5 Autumn Nail Polishes

We are slowly but surely transitioning into one of the most beautiful seasons of the year: Autumn. The colours of nature as well as our outfits are changing into more neutral, dark and earthy tones and so is our nail polish! In today’s video we talk about the top 5 top trendy nail polish colours for this Autumn season 2019! Watch the video and get inspired!

5 Reasons Why Kia-Charlotta Nail Polishes

One of the first questions we get when somebody discovers our brand and nail polishes is “what makes Kia-Charlotta special”. In today’s video and blog post we give you the 5 top reasons we believe you should choose Kia-Charlotta nail polishes and why we created our brand. We hope you enjoy!

SWATCHES: Fall-Winter 2019 Nail Polish Collection

In today’s video we are super excited to be showing you the swatches of our upcoming fall-winter 2019 nail polish collection! The theme of this collection is SO COZY and all the names and colours radiate a that feeling and concept! We hope you are as excited as we are for the launch of our new collection which will be on 01.09.2019! Watch the video for the swatches and let us know which one is your favourite!
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