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15 Sustainable Christmas Present Ideas

Everybody knows the feeling; one week before Christmas and you still haven’t organized all of your Christmas presents. This year why not make giving gifts a little bit more relaxed by planning enough time to get everything organized AND a little more sustainable by giving gifts which are not only useful but also goof for the planet. In today blog post we have 15 amazing sustainable gift ideas which you can give to your friends or family. We hope you enjoy!




To make sure the Christmas present “process” is as relaxing as possible, first make sure you make a list of who you want to give a gift to and what options you have to give them. This is a time for brainstorming and just writing everything down that you can think of. This way you will also be able to pin point the presents which need a little more time to organize and which ones are just a simple online shopping click away.


In today’s world sustainable doesn’t always have to mean boring or “ugly”. There are so many amazing useful items that are beautiful AND have been made sustainably using sustainable materials. In our list we are sure you can find something for your friends, husband, wife, brother, mother or grandma. Sustainable is for everybody!

1. Reusable Make-Up Remover Pads
Our first sustainable gift idea is a wonderful alternative to make-up wipes and cotton pads: washable  & reusable make-up removal pads from pandoo. They are made of bamboo viscose and cotton, are plastic-free and biodegradable. They can be used as make-up remover wipes but also as a tool to apply skin care products. After use simply wash them and voila – they are ready to be used again!


2. Organic Cotton Net
For your daily shopping, there may be nothing more practical than a reusable produce net or bag. It’s time everybody says goodbye to a plastic bags and starts using a more sustainable option for their produce. EcoYou has a great set with five net bags including a bread bag! The nets are made of 100% organic cotton and you also get a seasonal fruits and vegetables calendar so that you can know which fruits and veggies are best to buy in the current season!


3. 1 kg Peanut Butter
Everyone has that one person they know who is pretty much addicted to peanut butter, right? For him or her 1 kg of peanut butter is the perfect present, and you shall be remembered forever! Check out the peanut butter from Foodist where you can find all kinds of peanut butter – maybe even something your friend hasn’t tried out yet?


4. Kia-Charlotta Nagellack Set
A perfect present for especially women and girls (but of course for men as well!) is a vegan and natural nail care set! Check out our nail polish sets where you surely find something for everybody. Our sets include a nail polish remover, our 100% vegan and toxin-free nail polishes and of course our top & base coats! The perfect set for a Christmas present!


5. Sustainable Beauty Products
Foamie is a modern and trendy brand which creates amazing sustainable beauty products including hair & skin care products! Foamie is committed to fighting the plastic “craze” and doesn’t use any plastic in their products or packaging! And not only that, their products are also free from soap, silicones, PEGs & mineral oils. So not only are you giving something beautiful and cool but also something that is safe and sustainable!


6. Self-Made Photo Album
A sustainable gift idea for the creative minds among you is a self-made photo album. Memories are worth more than anything else. Why not make a beautiful photo album and remind your friend of wonderful moments you´ve spent together. You can go old school and glue your pictures into an album or why not create a digital photo album or even a mini photo album for their wallet. Let your creativity run wild!

FotoalbumHonkXGdvt2xPP7. Kia-Charlotta Gift Voucher
You know she or he loves nail polish but just not sure which nail polish colours they like? Why not gift them with our gift voucher so that they can choose the products that they love and need?


8. Cookbook for Kids
Are you looking for a sustainable gift idea for children? We recommend the kids cookbook from Ankerkraut coming in a set with many great spices! Many kids love to cook and want to be a part of creating their meals. This way kids can better their cooking skills and knowledge and as added bonus, soon you won’t have to worry about mealtimes yourself anymore ;)


9. Homemade Zero Waste Jars
Make and decorate a set of jars, brown glasses or even smoothie bottles. You can customize and label them and fill them with your favorite foods e.g. oats, nuts, seeds, rice, etc.


10. Homemade Vegan Cake/Bread Baking Mixture
Layer the ingredients of your favorite cake or bread recipe in a bottle and gift it for Christmas. This idea is super simple! Pour all the dry ingredients layered into a bottle and make a great pattern. You can add your own handwritten recipe and instructions and beautifully decorate the bottle!



11. Sustainable Jewelery
Jewelry will forever be a girls best friend and we are sp happy that this can be done sustainably! Check out Wildflower and find some beautiful and unique designs! And not only is their jewelry made sustainably, their packaging is also made of recycled materials! Now this is what we call jewelry with a meaning!


12. Sustainable Lunchbox
Whether for the office, school or kinder garden, this sustainable double-decker lunch box is perfect for everyone. It not only has a great design but also convinces with quality and sustainability. The practical double-decker system is perfect for any kind of food e.g. salad, fruits or vegetables.


13. Sustainable Fashion Basics
Ecological underwear, sportswear, t-shirts and accessories for men and women with sustainability as a top priority. At Organic Basics you can shop without any guilt! They set a high value on durable design made of high-quality textiles with a minimalistic style. Their unique cuts are suitable for all kinds of body shapes and the wonderful choice of colors conveys a simple elegance and let’s face it, nobody can ever have too many basics, right?


14. Voucher for Quality Time
Not only should you care for the environment in a sustainable way, but also in your relationships. Give away a great trip to the mountains, to the lake or prepare a dinner for your loved one and spend some quality time with them. Not only is this super thoughtful but it also gives something to look forward to especially in a time where we are all super busy.


15. Sustainable Dental Care
Still looking for an electric toothbrush? At Happybrush you will find everything you need for sustainable dental care including a super trendy electric toothbrush. All their toothpaste varieties are vegan and gluten-free, without palm oil and without microplastic. Additionaly, their packaging is sustainable and 100% recyclable. You can choose between great sets that contain the most important things for oral care!


This was our list of 15 sustainable Christmas present ideas. Do you have any ideas for sustainable Christmas presents? Let us know in the comments!

Lots of LOVE,

Ines & your Kia-Charlotta team

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