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2 Minimalistic Geometric Nail Designs

Often it’s the simple things that make a big difference. Today we want to show you two simple and minimal geometric nail art designs that you can easily create yourself at home. These designs will help give your manicure just that little extra “oomph” and a “wow” effect with very minimal effort. You can choose any colour(s) to create these designs. We hope you enjoy!

2 Minimalistic Geometric Nail Designs

To get a clean geometric nail design with straight edges it’s good to use some tape like we did in the video above. Of course, if you want to create these designs with zero waste than you can of course create them without any tape. All you need is a steady hand. 



Step 1: Start by applying a Base Coat
Step 2: If using tape, place it diagonally on the upper part of all your nails as seen in the video above. 
Step 3: Now choose a colour, we used our crimson red nail polish “Midsummer Magic”, and paint it on the lower half of your nails as seen in the video above. Remove the tape. If you are not using a sticker, we recommend painting a small thin line to part your nail diagonally first. This way you will get cleaner result.
Step 4: Once nail polish is dry, finish off with a Top Coat.



Step 1: Start by applying a Base Coat
Step 2: Choose a colour combination with two colours. Use one colour as a base for this nail design and paint two coats of it on all your nails. We used our sandy nude nail polish “Missing You”. 
Step 3: Once dry (completely dry), place pieces of tape on the lower corner of your nail to create a rectangle shape. See video above. 
Step 4: Now, with the other colour you chose for this design, paint into the small square. We used our copper nail polish “Portuguese Sunset”. Remove the tape. 
Step5: Once nail polish is dry, finish off with a Top Coat.

Those were our two minimal geometric nail designs. We hope you enjoyed! Make sure to share your recreation of this nail art with us on Instagram by tagging us with @kiacharlotta.

Have an amazing day!

Lots of LOVE,
Your Kia-Charlotta Team

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