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2020 Throwback Interview mit Kia

This year was crazy! Many unpredictable obstacles had overcome our way and many changes have taken place in everyone's life. But in the end, this challenging year has also brought success and joy. This blog post addresses the year 2020 with an interview from Ines to Kia looking back at 2020. 




All in all, this year was a year with gigantic ups and downs, which we will certainly remember for a long time. But to master new challenges and to have successfully mastered this year despite the pandemic gives us, Kia-Charlotta as a team, an incredible joy. How Kia perceived this year, which successes and which turbulences she experienced, you can read in the following interview: 

How are you doing whilst this upcoming new year?

I am doing quite well. It has been a somewhat difficult and unpredictable year but also very exciting. But in all honesty, I am happy this year is over soon, and I am just ready to start the new year. We have lots of exciting things planned for Kia-Charlotta which I am looking forward to so much!

What changed within Kia-Charlotta in 2020

The year started a little slow. Like with most companies we were also faced with a lot of uncertainty when Corona came where we had to “move carefully” because we just didn’t know what could happen. To my utmost gratitude however, we have come through Corona very well. This year was super exciting especially because we finally moved into our new and much larger office. We also grew our team, and we are now nine amazing and motivated beautiful souls. It really makes the world of a difference to the business when you have a good team behind it.

Of course, some new things happened in terms of our products and website too which we were so happy to implement. We launched a new 15 Free recipe for our nail polishes which are up to 87% natural. This was amazing because it has always been my promise to offer the most natural nail polish possible with simultaneously a good quality and this new recipe is just amazing! We also have a new BEAUTIFUL website which I am so proud of. Our team really came together to create something special and I really feel this was an upgrade that Kia-Charlotta needed, especially during Corona times where online sales became a much stronger focus for us.

This year I have also spent a lot of time in product development which is one of the reasons why I am so excited for next year because we should be bringing a few new amazing products out.

How where you effected by Corona?

Kia-Charlotta was definitely affected by Corona. Before the first lockdown the majority of our revenue came from retail and when the shops were forced to close down, we were definitely worried what this year would become. We had to quickly shift our focus to online which luckily, we were able to master and grow very quickly. Today we our revenue is pretty much 50-50 between retail and online which is just amazing. We are very lucky and extremely grateful that we have managed to come through and even thrive through corona times.

How do you manage all the hard work every day?

When you are passionate about something it’s just what you do – there is no option. I always say that entrepreneurship is sometimes just insanity. It’s pretty insane the hours and the things you would do for your business. But that’s what passion is. You don’t question it and you just do it because you love it. You literally love it even when you hate it – a strange feeling but so true.

On top of that I try to balance my admittingly unhealthy work hours with other healthy habits. I eat healthy(ish), I make sure to get my workouts in, I try to sleep well (this one is hard for me though) and I also meditate regularly. On top of that I take Saturdays pretty much off and just do whatever I want…which too often is also work in some way or another.

Bottom line is that I feel my happiest when I am working on my dreams. Even though it’s not always fun and laughter, there is nothing I would rather do. For now, at least.

What was your lessons learned this year?

I have always lived with the mindset of perseverance and knowing that if you don’t let all the no’s, mistakes, downfalls and obstacles bring you down and if you keep going no matter what, you can achieve amazing things…almost anything. This year has definitely highlighted that for me.

 What was your favorite moment of 2020?

1. Our new website which we launched in October. This was an update we have wanted to do for so long and we couldn’t be happier or prouder of our new online “home”.

2. Growing our team and moving in our new office. It’s amazing to have passionate people working with you. I definitely missed that and am super proud and grateful for our team and their spirit. Moving into our new office was also definitely a highlight simply because it was a representation of our growth but also, we were starting to feel super claustrophobic in our old office which was just way too small for our team or our inventory.

 What was your worst moment of 2020?

The first day of Lockdown in March. I remember it so clearly because it was a Saturday, a day which is usually our best day when it comes to online orders, but that Saturday was our worst since we launched in 2017. We only got one order and, on top of that, all the shops were just forced to close for a month. It was such a surreal moment where we just felt helpless and just didn’t know what was going to happen. I think everyone felt like that. And of course, since the virus was still so new to everyone, we were of course also super worried about the health of our team, family and each other. It was just surreal.

 Again, we are just super lucky and grateful that everything turned out well and we, our team and family have all stayed healthy and we hope it stays that way.

What are you proud of in the year 2020?

My team and myself who all worked their butts off to make this year great. We learned from mistakes and went outside our comfort zones.

What is your favorite Kia-Charlotta colour in 2020?

Definitely Magic. It’s such a beautiful subtle colour with a little bit of metallic and shimmer. It pretty much feels like magic on my nails.

What can we expect in 2021?

Lots of new exciting projects. The beauty of 2021 is the blooming of our hard work on all projects in 2020. We will definitely be introducing new products, but we also want to work on building a stronger connection to our community.

Any advice you would like to give the world for 2021?

I don’t think I am in any position to give advice to the whole world. For that we are all too different and in different places in our lives.

But from my perspective and my lessons in life I would probably say to live without expectations whilst always aiming high and doing the best you can. And always be proudly yourself and you do YOU!

In the end I want to thank all of you for all your support! Without you, this wouldn´t be possible and we are more than happy for our wonderful community. 

We wish you an amazing new yeat and if you have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask us anytime.

Lots of LOVE,

Your Kia-Charlotta Team

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