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3 Must Have Nail Polish Colours for Fall 2018

It’s safe to say that Autumn is right at our door! This beautiful season is all about cozy feels and beautiful colours. As the summer comes to an end its time to put those bright colours back in its shelf and bring out some warmth on our nails. Today we share three perfect nail polish colours for this Fall! There is something for everyone! Read more and get your discount code!

3 Must Have Nail Polish Colours for Fall 2018

For this Fall 2018 Season we especially recommend the following three colours from our collection! Make sure to go check out all our other colours if you can’t find your Autumn perfect colour here.

1. I am Amazing
This beautiful copper colour is autumn in a nail polish. Its orange tones make it a warm colour and its metallic effect gives it some shine – like when the sun hits the autumn leaves. This colours is going to help any of your outfits look perfect for fall and it suits all skin tones as well as nail shapes. Psst. it’s especially perfect for any of you with some red tones in your hair.

2. I am Strong
Strong is an amazing mixture of red and brown aka mahogany which makes it perfect for the fall season. The plentiful red tones this colour has makes Strong a good option for e.g. the office or other professional occasions you have as well. Because of the ›blood like‹ colour this is also an amazing option for Halloween. 

3.I am Courageous
Finally, we have courageous which is a beautiful earthy tone for this fall season. If you tend to lean towards nude tones, then definitely try out courageous as an alternative to the classic nude as this will bring some variation to your nails whilst still remaining classic and simple. This taupe colour will go with any outfit for any occasion which makes it an easy colour to wear for any day. 

Thank you for watching the video and we hope you got some inspiration. Which colour is your favorite? Let us know in the comments! 

Use the discount code Autumnperfect18 for 10% off of any of the colours mentioned in this post!

Have an amazing day!

Lots of LOVE,
Your Kia-Charlotta Team

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