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3 Must Have Nail Polish Colours for Summer 2018

As summer is getting closer, we crave the bright and vibrant nail polish colours that will make our outfits look Summer perfect. On the other hand, we also have a ton of amazing adventures planned which might not always be the best for bright and colourful colours. Don’t worry – we have the 3 must have colours for this summer that will be perfect for any day or situation! 

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3 Must Have Nail Polish Colours for Summer 2018

Summer Nail Polish Colour #1: Violet
Violet is the pantone colour of summer 2018 and we are in love! It might not be the colour of choice for our pants or t-shirt but it definitely makes an amazing colour for our nails – paired up with an all-white or other light colours we definitely think this a colour everybody needs in their collection this summer. Try Chillax from our collection. 

Summer Nail Polish Colour #2: Watermelon Red
For those who don’t want to branch out of their comfort zone of red nail polish, we have the perfect colour for you. Adventure is a beautiful watermelon red which is the perfect mixture of coral and red tones. Your outfit will immediately look summer perfect with this classic yet adventurous red.  

Summer Nail Polish Colour #3: Sheer Pink
For those of you who have amazing summer adventures planned and might not have the time or patience to take care of your nails, Believe is definitely a must have ›colour‹. This is a transparent colour with a slight pink under tone and what it does is enhances your natural nails and makes them look like you’ve just had a professional manicure. You also don’t have to worry about chipping because the chips will be much less visible – and when it does chip just reapply a coat and you are good to go.

I hope we could give you some inspiration on which colours to choose for the summer of 2018. Make sure to go check out our other colours too for more inspiration.

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