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3 VEGAN Accessories for this Summer

We at Kia-Charlotta not only love to inspire you to choose vegan nail polish and other beauty products but also want to introduce you to many other vegan lifestyle aspects because it simply is THAT easy to choose cruelty-free products and items. In today’s video Kia shares her 3 favourite vegan accessories for this summer! 


3 VEGAN Accessories for this Summer

Number #1: A Vegan Backpack

A classic and stylish backpack for this summer is a definate must have! It not only keeps you ›hands-free‹ so you can eat ice cream and take pictures at the same time, but it also distributes the weight you carry evenly on both shoulders.  I chose a black one because that keeps it timeless and always stylish!

Number #2: A Vegan Wallet by Fritzvold

 Lets’ face it – everyone needs a wallet and this big vegan wallet from Fritzvold is amazing! I love that it is big and fits all my (unnecessary) cards and cash but at the same time it is minimalistic in its design and, again, the black color makes it timeless. What makes this wallet even more special is its material: its made out of cellulose and latex and it sort of feels like paper whilst still feeling like an premium quality item. Definitely go check the Fritzvold wallets out!

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Number #3: Sunglasses

In the summer sunglasses are a definite must have simply because they make you feel and look fabulous even when you didn’t have time to throw on some make-up! I like wearing sunglasses that are more statement because they can make any simpler outfit look much more put together.

We hope enjoyed the video and we could give you some inspiration! Now share us your favouroite vegan accessories!

Lots of LOVE,



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