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5 Habits Girls with the Perfect Nails Have in Common

We all know someone who always just seems to have the most perfect looking hands and nails – never chipped, never dry and never cracked. Whilst genes and lifestyle have a lot to do with how our nails and hands look, it is usually no accident that these girls have such great looking hands and nails… all-the-time! Check out these five habits that girls, who always have a perfect manicure, do or have in order to maintain their beautiful hands and nails.

5 Habits Girls with the Perfect Nails Have in Common

Having and maintaining perfect looking hands and nails almost never just simply naturally occurs. They are usually a result of long-time consistent good care and habits. We had a look at what most girls with consistently amazing manicures and hands all have in common and we found five pretty simply yet important habits that they all have in order to maintain their beautiful hands. 

First, let’s clear it up. There is, of course, no such thing as perfect hands or nails. This is completely subjective for one and next we always say that everybody’s hands and nails are uniquely beautiful, and no one should feel like theirs aren’t “good enough”. That being said, our hands and nails can tell us a lot about how well we take care of them and even about our lifestyle. In this blog post, when we talk about the “perfect” hands or nails, we are talking about those of who always have very soft (and non-dry) hands, whose nails and manicure are always well maintained (and never chipped) and whose nails tend to be strong and not break easily.  

Here are the five habits that girls with the perfect nails and hands all have in common:


We all have a skin care routine when it comes to our face but what about our hands? Our hands are the second most exposed body part to the sun, cold temperatures and pollution after our face. On top of that we use our hands to do everything and have to wash them several times a day which makes them very prone to dryness. I mean is it any wonder that our hands and nails seem to be so hard to maintain?

The girls with the perfect hands and manicure however take care of their hands like they do their face! Just like your face, your hands need exfoliation, moisture and pampering. Make sure you schedule a hand pamper routine once a week which includes exfoliation, a warm oil treatment and a moisturizer. On top of that, whenever you are doing your skin care routine for your face, apply any excess product on your hands and cuticles to give them some extra love every morning and night. 


One of the biggest reasons somebody’s nails and hands look so perfect is because they have a perfect manicure which lasts. Not only do you have to use good products, but it also requires a good prep before you start applying nail polish. Never apply nail polish on oily nails or when you have just applied a hand cream. Right before you do apply a nail polish make sure you remove any excess oils from your nail beds with a nail polish remover and e.g.a cotton swab. Remember that our nails will also have some natural oils on them so even if you havn’t just applied an oil or hand cream it’s good to do this simple step anyway. And before you apply a nail polish, make sure to apply a base coat to give a smooth base and to help your nail polish last longer. 


Just like any good skin care, hand and nail care starts from within, with good nutrition. Girls with perfect looking hands and nails usually eat a healthy diet filled with all the nutrients that our skin, hair and nails need to thrive. On top of that they sometimes take a hair and nail supplement to help boost their nail (and hair) health. There are plenty of hair and nail supplements in the market. Make sure you do your research and if in doubt, always ask for advice from a health professional. 


Nails can sometimes seem so handy whether that be for opening a can, scratching off a stain from a surface or tipping our keyboard. In the end of the day, the more pressure we apply on our nails, the weaker and more damaged they will get. Try to avoid using your nails as tools and find an object from your home to help you (or learn to tip with your fingers if you have long nails). 


This is one of the biggest “mistakes” many people do and that is trying to paint their nails in a hurry. Unlike our make-up, nail polish is not a ten-minute task that we can do right before leaving to the office. Or sure, we can but it will most certainly not leave you with the best-looking result. Girls with the perfect manicure always take the time and effort to paint their nails AND dry their nail polish properly. For the best result its recommended to first apply a base coat, two coats of nail polish (three with lighter, less opaque colours) and finish off with a top coat. This whole process, from base coat to the fully dry finish (incl. top coat) can take up to 30 minutes, but a manicure done this way + applying all the previous mentioned habits will result into a long lasting manicure which you only need to repeat once a week. 

Those were the five habits girls with the perfect manicure all have in common. We hope you got some inspiration of what kind of good habits you can incorporate into your lifestyle to maintain the perfect looking manicure.

We wish you an amazing day and we hope you are well!

Lots of LOVE,
Your Kia-Charlotta Team

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