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5 Lessons we Learned in 2017

Happy New Year! We hope you have had an amazing start to the new year and we are so excited to start this year off with some important lessons we learned in 2017. At Kia-Charlotta we are not only about amazing vegan nail polish but we are also all about self-love and self-improvement. Today’s video and topic is inspired by our nail polish “Learn”.

5 Lessons we Learned in 2017

 Here are 5 lessons we learned in 2017. Check out the video for more details! ;)

1. You and only you are responsible for your own life and happiness
2. The only moment that exists is the present
3. Everything happens for a reason
4. Failure is always a win in the end
5. Nobody cares

We hope you enjoyed todays video and we would love to hear some lessons you learned in 2017 so make sure to mention them in the comments!

Lots of Love,


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