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5 Reasons Why Kia-Charlotta Nail Polishes

One of the first questions we get when somebody discovers our brand and nail polishes is “what makes Kia-Charlotta special”. In today’s video and blog post we give you the 5 top reasons we believe you should choose Kia-Charlotta nail polishes and why we created our brand. We hope you enjoy!  

5 Reasons Why Kia-Charlotta Nail Polishes

Our goal at Kia-Charlotta is to create something unique and something that is beneficial to our planet, the animals and of course YOU. During product development we focus on details as well as the big picture to make sure what we bring out is something special. When it comes to our nail polishes here are the 5 main things and reasons which make us special. 

1. 100% Cruelty-Free & Vegan
We always put this point as number one because it is our mission as a brand to only ever create products that are completely vegan and cruelty free. We love animals - all animals and don’t want any cruelty involved in our products or brand. What is vegan nail polish? Check out our blog post here where we talk all about it.

2. 14 Free
Conventional nail polishes are often filled with chemicals and ingredients which quite literally are bad for us. It was/is our goal to create a nail polish which is as toxin free and natural as possible whilst still being of good quality. This is why we have a 14 free formula/ recipe which means we do not include 14 of the most toxic ingredients still used in nail polish today. 

Our nail polishes are free from:
Phtalates (incl. Dibutylphthalate (DBP), Diethylhexyl Phthalate (DEHP)), Toluene (also Methylbenzene), Xylene, Camphor, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Ethyltosylamide, Triphenylphostphate, Colophoneum, Organic Halides (AOX), Parabens, Silicone, Fragrances, Animal Derived Ingredients

Check out our blog post on the 14 ingredients to avoid in nail polish here.

3. Less Waste & Sustainability
We at Kia-Charlotta keep sustainability as a priority and we implement sustainable practices and processes where we can, when we can. When it comes our nail polishes we decided to create a 5ml bottle instead of the usual 10-11ml bottle in order to reduce unnecessary nail polish waste. During product development we discovered that almost nobody had ever used a nail polish bottle to the end and that most of the times the bottles were still half full but too dried out to be used anymore. These nail polishes would have to be thrown away which just seemed like such a waste. 5 ml is almost always more than enough to last you at least a season by which time you will be ready for your new colour anyway. Reducing waste is a key element to sustainability. 

 4. Trend Colours
Unlike most make-up products nail polish is a product where we can have fun with the colours. There is no rule which says that any colour would be in any way inappropriate. People or women often like to use nail polish colours according to the season: in the summer we like to use brighter and lighter colours whereas in the winter we go for the darker cooler colours. We at Kia-Charlotta have a new collection of nail polishes with 15 new colours two times a year: once in spring-summer and once in fall-winter. This is simply so that we have the current seasonal trend colours in our collection whilst never having an overwhelmingly large selection of nail polishes.
Check out our new Fall-Winter 2019 collection here

5. Quality
The last but certainly not least reason for choosing Kia-Charlotta is the quality. It doesn’t matter how sustainable, vegan or toxin-free a product is, if it doesn’t work its just not worth it. Our nail polishes last anywhere between 4-14 days depending on the health and strength of your nails as well your daily activities (e.g. do you garden, work in logistics, wash your dishes or hair every day, etc). Our nail polishes are also beautifully opaque where in most colours just one coat of nail polish is enough for full coverage. With lighter shades two coats is often required.
Check out our blog post on how to paint your nails like a pro here.

Those are the five top reasons to choose Kia-Charlotta nail polishes. We hope you guys enjoyed todays post and video.  

Lots of Love,
Your Kia-Charlotta Team


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