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In summer our nails and hands are feeling soft and healthy due to the warmer and more humid air we have! However, even in the summer it’s important to take special care of your hands and nails and here are our top five tips for you! 


1. Apply an extra coat of top coat before going swimming. Water often slightly expands your nails, making it easier for nail polish to chip. The extra coat of top coat will help prevent that from happening.

2. When flying to your amazing summer holiday destination, make sure to take a good hand cream with you. The air in the airplane is very dry and can cause your hands and nails to dry up. 

3. It’s SUMMER  so eat a lot of fresh and delicious fruits while you can! All the healthy vitamins and minerals well help keep your nails strong and healthy!

4. Watch out for the length of your nails. Did you know that in the summer, when its warm and more humid outside, our nails grow faster? This is why it’s important to pay special attention especially to your toe nails which we sometimes forget to cut so that you don’t get any unnecessary injuries whilst wearing shoes.

5. Paint your fingers AND toes for that amazing summer feel! In the winter we tend to neglect our feet and toes a bit but in the summer, because we wear sandals, we should pay special attention to them and make them look beautiful and glamourous just like your hands! 

We hope you enjoyed our five summer nail care tips and we wish you an amazing and colorful summer!

Lots of LOVE, 




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