5 Tips to BOOST Your Nail Health

Do your nails feel weak and tend to chip easily? The number one rule for maintaining a long-lasting manicure is to apply your nail polish onto healthy nails. In today’s video we are sharing 5 super simple and easy tips on what you can do a consistent and regular basis to boost your nail health! 

5 Tips to BOOST Your Nail Health

Here is something you may have not known: often times when your nail polish chips, it is not your nail polish that has chipped but a thin layer of your nail has started to peel causing crackling onto your nail polish as well. This layer of nail polish which is above the peeled nail will then end up “chipping off” quicker than the rest of your manicure. This is why we love to talk about nail health and not just in terms of shallow treatments e.g. nail oils and creams but from a holistic point of view. Below you will find our 5 simple but important tips which can help boost your nail health.

I know. Some of you must be rolling your eyes about this simple reminder which you have heard and read a million times but hear us out. Sit back and look at your days and ask yourself how much water do you drink in a day? And be honest. Our body’s need water for pretty much everything and anything to function and we need plenty of it! Most professionals will recommend at least 2 liters a day and this is why we are reminding you to drink your water. Drinking two liters of water a day is not always that easy and measuring our water intake is quite honestly too time consuming. So, we recommend to simply be mindful and try to only drink water when you are thirsty (instead of sodas or juices).

As if your mom hasn’t told you to eat your greens 100 times already, right? But this is not about just eating your greens, it’s also about being mindful that every meal you eat is a nutritionally rich meal. Does your meal include a good balance of carbs, healthy fats and protein? Do you eat a variety of foods including fruits, vegetables, legumes, etc? Everything about our body including our nails is literally built up from what we eat and more specifically the nutrients so it’s a good time to consider your meals and ensure they are helping your nails shine!

Closely related to the previous point is to make sure you are getting all your essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Our bodies are extremely smart and often the first place we can see a possible sign of a nutrional deficiency is our hair or nails. Our bodies will prioritise feeding our essential organs with the necessary nutrient and we are sorry to tell you but our hair or strong nails are not vital. If you are eating a balanced diet filled with nutritionally rich foods, you are probably on the right track already. We also love to boost some of our meals to make them more nutritiously dense e.g. we put some protein powder into our morning porridge or a super foods green powder into our smoothie. If you suspect a nutritional deficiency, please refer to your doctor. 

Check out our smoothie recipe for strong and healthy nails: https://www.kia-charlotta.com/en/vegan-beauty-blog/smoothie-for-strong-healthy-nails

We are already on our fourth tip and only now we come to the external care. How do you take care of your nails and hands? Do you give them any extra love? Our nails and hands are special and require probably even more care than a lot of our body parts, yet they are often neglected. We use our hands and nails for everything, we wash them multiple times a day and we use them to clean, garden, cook, etc.! So, it is no wonder that our hands tend to get dry easier and that our nails break easier than our toenails – they are constantly under a lot of pressure and stress. This is why you need a nourishing nail care routine that is optimal for your nails. Test different oils out and find out which works best for your nails, carry a hand cream with you and apply it regularly to give your hands and nails some much needed love and moisture

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Our nails are pretty much just like our skin in that they absorb anything you put onto them. This is why it is so important to use a toxin free nail polish which has less harsh chemical ingredients. Many conventional nail polishes are filled with harmful ingredients such as phthalates, toluene or camphor (to name a few). Not only do we not want these harsh ingredients to enter our body, but they can also dry up our nails or form a layer which doesn’t let oxygen through. A toxin-free nail polish let’s oxygen through, but we still recommend nail polish free days to let your nails fully breathe! 

We hope these simple tips gave you some inspiration on how you can boost your nail health! We hope you have a wonderful day!

Lots of LOVE,
Your Kia-Charlotta Team

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