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5 Tips to enjoy Christmas as a Vegan

It’s already the beginning of December and most of us are slowly starting to prepare for Christmas. If you are vegan (or perhaps vegetarian), Christmas can be a more difficult time of the year where we are confronted with many scenarios which don’t typically align with our ethical values. In today’s post we wanted to give you our tips on how to fully enjoy this amazing time of year as a vegan.

5 Tipps to enjoy Christmas as a Vegan 

Christmas is one of the happiest times of the year but for vegans (especially new vegans) Christmas can be somewhat uncomfortable at times. During Christmas we are confronted with many situations where there seems to be no vegan food options at sight, and it might seem like everyone has forgotten about your lifestyle choice. Today we have 5 simple but easy tips on how to enjoy an amazing Christmas time with your loved ones even as a vegan:

1. Offer to Bring a Delicious Vegan Dish
For most vegans the most daunting thing about Christmas is the food or, better said, the lack of food. And not only that, many cultures eat quite a bit of meat during Christmas which will be difficult to avoid if we want to spend the Holidays with our family. Luckily this is one of the easier “problems” for us to solve as vegans: simply offer to cook some delicious vegan food which you can also share with your whole family! This way not only will you surely have something delicious to eat but you can also share some amazing vegan food with your family. This will still, most likely, not stop there from being meat, fish and other non-vegan foods on the table but at least there will also be some vegan options! On Christmas, don’t focus too much on the other non-vegan foods on the table and simply be present with your family and enjoy your valuable time together. 

2. Avoid „activism“ with your family (especially during Christmas)
It is clear that without some brave and hardworking activists the world would be a much worse place for the animals than it is right now. We should all be grateful for the amazing people who do so much to help the animals. However, Christmas time with your family (and/or friends) is not the time to engage in activism. Christmas is also not the time to try and “convert” anyone to being vegan. Even if it seems against your nature, on Christmas, try your best to avoid “activism” – the Christmas table is not the time or place to share the truths about what is “actually” on the table. We must remember that most people simply don’t understand the vegan lifestyle and the ethics behind it, but this does not mean that these are “bad” people!! Our family is and will forever be the loving people who have always been there for you and loved you no matter what. Do the same for yor family. 

3. Gift Vegan Items for Your Family
If you are giving presents this year than this is a great opportunity to showcase all the amazing vegan brands, products and items that are out there! Gift your loved ones with your fave vegan chocolate, some beautiful vegan cosmetics (e.g. vegan nail polish) or a t-shirt from your favorite vegan brand. There are so many amazing vegan things in the world that non-vegans can easily love and enjoy as well. 

4. Be Grateful for any Gifts you Receive (even if they are not vegan)
Even if you have told your family & friends all about veganism and what is and what is not vegan, we need to understand that most people simply have no idea how to identify vegan and non-vegan products. E.g. most people forget that things like honey, silk or wool are not vegan and most people have no idea that most cosmetics include animal derived ingredients. When your family and friends give you presents and you realize they are not vegan, simply be grateful and understand that this gift came from love (and it isn’t an attempt to “make you non vegan”, ok?). On top of that, try and see if you can still find use for your new products. Throwing away or simply not using a gift just because it is not vegan is simply wasteful and completely unnecessary. For the very least, try to find someone who think would like it instead. But always, remember to say THANK YOU. 

5.  Allow Yourself to ENJOY
Christmas is a holiday which is meant to be enjoyed and even though it might be more difficult for you because of all the non-vegan things like the food, presents or even simply your family not understanding your lifestyle, you should allow yourself a happy Christmas filled with joy and laughter. Don’t put too much focus on the food which is on the table or perhaps the non-vegan gifts you receive. Put all your focus on the valuable time you get to spend with your amazing family and/or friends – now that’s something to be grateful for! Even if Christmas may seem very non-vegan in so many ways, it’s still a family holiday you should and are allowed to enjoy!

Those were our tips on how you can enjoy an amazing Christmas as a vegan. We hope these tips could help you out and if you have any tips please share them with us in the comments!
We wish you all happy holidays!!  

Lots of Love,
Your Kia-Charlotta Team 

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