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6 Tips for a Flawless Manicure

Have you ever wondered why, when ever you apply nail polish, it doesn't seem to last as long as it does with others? Today we have 6 tips thats will help ensure a perfect manicure that will last for days. 

Nail Polish Tip #1: Use a Base & Top Coat

We know you might feel like skipping this part, but we highly suggest you reconsider next time. A base coat will not only protect your nail beds from any possible colorings but it will also aid in giving a smooth base for your nail polish. A top coat on the otherhand increases the durability of your nail polish making it last 5-8 days without chipping.

Nail Polish Tip #2: Make Sure Your Nails are Clean

Like our skin, our nails too produce natural oils. In the summer they, like our skin, are usually more oily than in winter since the cold air is not stripping the natural oils. An oily nail is not what we want to start our manicure with because the oil will repel the base coat or nail polish and stop the nail polish from adhesing to the nail properly. This is why a clean nail bed is very important. We suggest first washing your hands properly with soap and drying them. Do not apply nail cream or oil afterwards. Before applying nail polish clean your nails with white vinegar which will remove any excess oils. 

Nail Polish Tip #3: In the Summer, Give an Extra 5 min for Your Nail Polish to Dry

The humid air we often experience in the summer not only gives us more oily nails but it also effects the drying time of our nail polish. The more humid the air, the slower the drying time. If you want to have a flawless manicure we suggest giving just an extra five minutes to let your nail polish dry to ensure a clean and flawless manicure.

Nail Polish Tip #4: Remove Your Nail Polish in the Evening before Bed

We suggest using natural nail polish removers that do not have any harsh ingredients such as acetone in them. This usually means the nail polish remover will have a slightly, if not a lot, more oily consistensy. As you might remember by now, an oily nail bed is not a good base for our nail polish. This is why we like to remove our nail polish in the evening before bed, wash our hands and give the nourishing oils the night to absorb into our nails and skin. In the morning we wash our hands one more time by which time our nails are ready for some nail polish. 

Nail Polish Tip #5: Never Shake your Nail Polish

We know. Its almost a natural instinct to shake your nail polish bottle before opening and applying it. We however recommend you to fight the urge and instead roll the bottle between your hands. When shaking the nail polish bottle you might create unwanted air bubbles in the polish which will show on your manicure. Roll the bottle between your hands to gently mix the formula. 

Nail Polish Tip #6: Store your Nail Polish Upright in a dry and Cool Place

It is best to store your nail polish upright rather than layed down in order to avoid any bubbles. Also, we recommend not storing your nail polish in the bathroom since the varying humidity levels may effect the formula. 

We hope these tips could help you out! 

We wish you a wonderful day!

Lots of LOVE,

Kia & Alex

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