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8 ›Must-do‹ Beauty Habits

When it comes to soft skin, strong nails and healthy hair it’s much more about our daily habits than it is our make-up routine which will truly make the difference. In today’s video we are sharing our 8 must-do beauty habits that we believe truly make the world of a difference when it comes to healthy skin, nails and hair. We hope you find some inspiration in today’s blog post. Enjoy! 

8 ›Must-do‹ Beauty Habits

Incorporating some amazing daily habits which your body will thank you for is key for healthy skin, nails and hair.  We understand that in our busy lives it can be so hard to commit to healthy beauty habits but we also know that with practice we become (almost) perfect. These 8 habits that we are sharing with you today are not small but important things which we know are easy to incorporate into our everyday lives.

Beauty Habit #1: Wash off your make-up before you go sleep (EVERYDAY)
Washing off your make-up should be like washing our teeth – it just needs to get don before we go to sleep. I have heard and seen it for myself and whilst this is an absolute given for me, there are plenty of women who forget or are too lazy to wash their face before bed time (they often wait until the morning). Washing your face in the evening is not only important because we don’t want make-up filled pillow cases but also because our skin goes through one of its most important rejuvenation processes in the night and clean skin is essential for this. Washing off your make-up every night is an easy habit to incorporate and trust me, it feels amazing to go to bed with a clean face ;)  

Beauty Habit #2: Exfoliate your skin
We should exfoliate our feet, body and hands 1-2 times a week. Exfoliating ins important because it helps remove dead skin cells and it uncovers new fresh skin cells below. It also helps your moisturizer to penetrate more deep into your skin which will leave your skin feeling silky soft.  

Beauty Habit #3: Clean up your diet 
By now we know that eating healthy is crucial for our overall health and wellbeing. Eating healthy is however also crucial for amazing skin, nails and hair as well. Healthy skin requires good circulation, hydration and nutrition which are all regulated with what you eat. An amazing thumb rule we use is to eat 80% clean and healthy and 20% can be those so to speak ›cheat meals‹ - balance is key. We promise that your skin will thank you for feeding it nourishing minerals and vitamins that help it glow from the inside out!

Beauty Habit #4: Get your beauty sleep
Life is so beautiful and there is so much to experience and see – so why sleep? As with die, we ae sure we all know by now that sleep and rest are essential for our overall health and wellbeing but a good nights sleep is also medicine to our skin. When we are sleeping, our body’s hydration rebalances and without sleep this will not happen which leads to puffy under eye bags, dry skin and wrinkles. Additionally, when we are sleep derived our stress hormones can increase which leads to inflammation in the skin. So ladies, get in your beauty sleep ;)

Beauty Habit #5: Wear SPF
Wear SPF - we mean it. Adding a SPF to your daily moisturizing routine will help protect your skin from the harmful UV rays. Exposure to the sun increase the likelihood that you get a sunburn which is makes your skin very sensitive and exposed to other harmful elements (+ a sunburn doesn’t exactly look beautiful). SPF also decreases your risk of skin cancer – one of the most common types of cancers which is often cause by over exposure to the sun. Finally, exposure to the sun and UV rays ages your skin – this is called photoaging which causes that leather looking skin none of us wants to have. 

Beauty Habit #6: Moisturize your skin
Using the right kind of moisturizer for your skin type help balance and maintain the moisture of our skin ensuring smooth and soft skin. When skin is too oily or too dry this increases the risk of skin problems or irritations such as acne which is why applying a moisturizer once a day can really help your skin look healthy. 

Beauty Habit #7: Exercise
Some of us love it – some of us hate it but finding a exercise routine that we enjoy and fits our lifestyle is not only beneficial for our skin, nails and hair but also for our overall wellbeing. Getting in a little sweat helps release toxins and impurities from our skin which leaves our skin glowing. Exercise also promotes sebum which is our skins natural moisturizer and as mentioned in the previous beauty habit, moisture balance is important for the wellbeing of our skin. It also enhances the blood flow to the skin which carries oxygen and important nutrients which are essential to maintaining healthy skin. You don’t have to become a pro runner. Simply take ½ hour a day to take a brisk walk or jog and your skin will already thank you!

Beauty Habit #8: Have make-up and nail polish free days
Allowing our skin and nails to breathe is essential for its health. Make-up can clog our pores which can lead to skin irritations so giving your face a break every now and letting it breathe will help your skin to rejuvenate. Also, avoid using nail polish without any breaks. We suggest that anytime you remove your nail polish that you then have a 1-2 day break from nail polish. Our nails our like our skin and need oxygen to remain healthy. While nail polish does not completely illuminate letting oxygen pass through your nails it still is a barrier (like make-up). Using nail polish for an extended period of time can lead to dry and brittle nails which in return will make your manicure not last as long. 

We hope you got some inspiration from today’s beauty habits. Even though it may seem like a lot, we promise that these habits are easy to incorporate into your daily life. Rememebr that it takes in average around 2 months to completely adopt a new habit so you need a little discipline to start off ;)

We wish you an amazing day!

Lot of LOVE,
Your Kia-Charlotta Team

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