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The autumn season announces itself more and more - and also we are getting in the mood for the new fall/winter season! Full of excitement we can finally present our new nail polish collection for this year's fall and winter! The new collection by Kia-Charlotta is dedicated to the little miracles, special memories and magical moments of everyday life. Thus, "The Miracles Collection" is meant to remind us how much magic is in the little things of everyday life and encourage us to be more mindful. All of our shades represent just such a miracle.

Geometric Spring Nail Art Design

As we know the weather can be pretty moody in april. Currently the sun is hiding behind the clouds and we even have snow in munich. But anyway we still want to spoil you with a little spring mood. This in mind, we've come up with a special geometric spring design for your nails that will hopefully bring back your spring vibes and get you in the right mood for warmer days. In our following tutorial, we'll show you how you can recreate the lovely lilac look and add a touch of spring to your nails.

Easter Nail Art Design

In time for the coming Easter weekend, we have come up with a specially creative nail art design. In combination with soft lilac nuances, the Easter bunny has even made it onto our nails. So if the Easter mood this year so far just did not come up with you, then at the latest after our sweet Easter nail art look - promised!

Reverse French Nails Art Design

Today we have something very special for you! Why does it always have to be the classic, basic look? Let’s go with something new and special. Therefore, we use the classic french nail look differently by trying out a reverse French nail design, where everything is upside down. We chose two completly different types of colours and a different kind of application order than in the classic french design. Watch the video bellow to see how we create this special style. We hope you have fun watching and recreating this idea.

Graphic Nail Art Design

For all our nail art design lovers, we have once again come up with something great. Currently, everything revolves around the new design trend: graphic patterns. Whether in interior design or in the fashion world - the fine lines and geometric patterns cover pretty much every look. You don't have to be an experienced designer to make this great style work for you. We'll show you how to create the trendy look. We wish you lots of fun during the tutorial!


It's that time again! Full of joy we can finally present you our new nail polish collection for this year's spring-summer season! With our Spring/Summer 2021 collection we want to pick up the theme "Selflove" and thus declare our nail polish a statement for more self-love.
All our shades represent an important element of selflove, to encourage doing good for yourself – via empowerment, self-esteem and mindfulness, for example. With this versatile palette ranging from powdery pastels to bold reds, there's sure to be something for everyone! Just check out our swatch video to discover your new favorite color and selflove mantra!


Almost all solvent-based nail polishes include the ingredient nitrocellulose but what exactly is it and why do we as company who creates a toxin-free nail polishes, still include nitrocellulose in our nail polish? In today’s blog post we want to answer this question as well as address the concerns that nitrocellulose might have and how we address/solve these concerns.

Valentines Nail Art Design

To all of our nail art lovers, we have a new nail art tutorial that you can easily try at home. This design will help give your manicure just that little extra on Valentines day with very minimal effort. You can choose any colours to create these designs. We hope you enjoy!

2020 Throwback Interview mit Kia

This year was crazy! Many unpredictable obstacles had overcome our way and many changes have taken place in everyone's life. But in the end, this challenging year has also brought success and joy. This blog post addresses the year 2020 with an interview from Ines to Kia looking back at 2020.

Christmas Nail Art Design

To all of our nail art lovers, we have a new nail art tutorial that you can easily try at home. This design will help give your manicure just that little extra “wow” effect on Christmas with very minimal effort. Choose the classic Christmas colours to match the mood. We hope you enjoy!

Sustainable Christmas Gift Wrappings

Christmas is slowly getting closer and all of us are surely busy with preparing and wrapping our presents nicely for our loved ones. We take our time to wrap them in beautiful Christmas wrapping paper, put beautiful bows on them but surely, we often forget how much trash we produce during this time. This year we’ll make a change! We will show you 5 sustainable ways to wrap your Christmas Present.

Vegan Christmas Cookies

The delicious scent of homemade Christmas cookies? Yes, because what would Christmas be without baking? The lovely Pia has prepared a super simple vegan Linzer Christmas cookie recipe for us. These wonderful jam cookies are perfect for cozy Christmas evenings and also are very easy to bake. Even as a beginner you can try this recipe to enchant the taste of your loved ones.
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