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5 Foods to eat for Healthy Nails

We can give our hands and nails 100 scrubs and oil treatments but what truly makes our hands and nails strong and beautiful is a healthy diet. How we take care of our bodies inside will reflect on our outside and thats why it is so important to maintain a healthy diet filled with fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Today we share our 5 favourite foods to eat for healthy and strong nails which is vital for a beautiful and long-lasting manicure.

Christmas Party Little Black Dress Nail Art Tutorial

One month until Christmas which, amongst many other things, also means glamorous Christmas parties and events. We at Kia-Charlotta believe that your nails can truly bring your whole outfit together and make it something truly special. If you are anything like us, you feel comfortable in a black dress and that is why today we are showing you a perfect yet simple nail art tutorial that will go perfectly with that little black dress of yours.

Beauty From the Inside Ep.1 - ›Be Grateful‹

Some of you may have noticed that all our nail polishes have names inspired from self-love, positivity or motivation. That's because we believe that beautiful souls make a beautiful world. Work on yourself, learn and grow and become the best version of you, you can be. When your soul shines so does your exterior. We also want to create positive content thats not only about the exterior beauty but also that from the inside. This is our first episode and we will start by talking about gratitude from which our berry pink nail polish got its name from. We hope you enjoy!

Winter Nail & Hand Care Routine for Soft Hands

As winter is getting closer and the air is getting cold, our skin tends to get dry and even itchy. Needless to say, amazing hand care is essential to maintain those soft and beautiful hands and nails. Today Kia shares her hand care routine which helps keep her dry and itchy hands moisturised and flawless.

Autumn Inspired Nail Art Tutorial

Whole else loves autumn? At Kia-Charlotta it is our favourite time of the year and we don't want to say goodbye to it. That's why we have a beautiful autumn inspired nail art tutorial to show you, which would also be perfect for the Christmas season because of the beautiful gold accents. Hope you enjoy!