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Happy New Year! - Nail Art Tutorial

Another year has passed and a new year is beginning! We at Kia-Charlotta want to start our year off with some style and fun with this amazing and easy nail art we share today!

Its Christmas! – Nail Art Tutorial

For our final Christmas nail art tutorial this season, we want to share a festive design with presents and candy cane vibes. This easy and quick nail art will be perfect for Christmas eve and day!

5 Random Acts of Kindness

Being kind to people for no reason, not makes others smile but it also warms our heart. Giving without the expectation of getting something in return is one of the most beautiful traits we can have. Today we want to share 5 random acts of kindness that you can do on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Nail Art Tutorial - Santa Clause is Coming to Town

This is the second nail art tutorial in our series of christmas inspired nails. In this tutorial we go all out on the Christmas vibes by creating a cute santa figure and other festive patterns. This all just with three colours and simple tools. Remember to put the music on to listen to some Christmas music.

Our Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is right on our doorstep and it is definitely time to start thinking about gifts. Nail polish is an amazing gift to give to any girl or woman, but what colour? In today’s video, we share our top picks for our moms, daughters, girlfriends or besties. With Kia-Charlotta nail polishes, it’s not only about ›which colour?‹ but the message we want to send to our loved ones.

Winter Wonderland Nail Art Tutorial

In todays tutorial we show you our first Christmas nail art tutorial for 2017. This nail art tutorial includes some fun colours and snowflakes which makes it not only perfect for Christmas but also for the winter times. We hope you enjoy!