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Marine Nail Art Tutorial

Do we not all indulge in old vacation memories sometimes? We remember the beautiful holiday feelings, the sand by the sea and trips we had with our friends. In todays nail art tutorial we would like to show you an adorable and playful marine design. We wish you a relaxing and happy summer. Enjoy the video!

Daisy Nail Art Tutorial

Spring has finally arrived! Nature has awakened and the flowers and shrubs finally say hello. Fitting for the new season, we have a new and beautiful tutorial for you. We wish you a sunny day and have fun with the tutorial!

14 Ingredients in Nail Polish to avoid

In today’s blog post we wanted to give you a closer look and understanding to the ingredients which we do not include in our nail polish and why we don’t want these in our nail polish. All Kia-Charlotta nail polishes are ›14 FREE‹ which means we do not include the following commonly used toxic ingredients or animal derived ingredients:

My nail polish has animals in it!?

Have you ever wondered why your nail polish might not be vegan? Whenever we hear that there are animal derived ingredients in our cosmetics or even foods (which are not meat or dairy) we get a little surprised and quite frankly slightly grossed out. However, animal byproducts are often more affordable and sometimes considered ›more natural‹ than other alternatives which is why they are almost everywhere from our foods to our clothes and even in our cosmetics – nail polish included.