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FAQ: Animal Testing on Cosmetics - is it allowed?

You may know already that animal testing on cosmetics products within the EU is in fact not allowed. Today we want to clear up why this is not exactly 100% true and why you should always choose cosmetics products with a certification/ registration e.g. PETA or The Vegan Society in order to be sure you are in fact buying a 100% cruelty-free product. Watch the video here.

DIY Nourishing Vegan Nail Oil

It’s finally summer and the cool-crisp air of winter is done drying out our nails and cuticles. This however does not mean that you should stop moisturizing your hands and nails. In the summer it’s not only the water from all that swimming that might dry out your nails but also the UV light. Today we share a simple and easy cuticle oil recipe that you can make yourself at home!

Cloudy Nail Art Tutorial

There are some days that make us remember being the happy and curious child we used to be. Mostly because something happened that made us go back a few years ago, for example finding an old picture we almost forgot about our reading one of our childhood books. For those moments we‘ve got the perfect tutorial. In today's video we share an incredibly cute and dreamy nail design. It's not only adorable, but also it is super easy for anyone to recreate. Enjoy!

3 Must Have Nail Polish Colours for Summer 2018

As summer is getting closer, we crave the bright and vibrant nail polish colours that will make our outfits look Summer perfect. On the other hand, we also have a ton of amazing adventures planned which might not always be the best for bright and colourful colours. Don’t worry – we have the 3 must have colours for this summer that will be perfect for any day or situation!

FAQ: How to Store Nail Polish

Typically a nail polish will last approx. 2 years after opening. It may last you longer or perhaps much shorter, also largely depending on how you store it. A lot of you have asked us: how do I optimally store my nail polish? Here are some of our best tips to make sure your nail polish lasts as long as possible. Watch the video here.