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Vegan vs. Natural – What’s the Difference?

We hear it all the time: oh, its natural so it’s also vegan or: cool, its vegan so it must be natural. Wrong. In today’s video I shortly explain the differences between these two and why vegan does not make a cosmetic product natural or why natural does not make a product vegan. We hope you enjoy!

How to Stop Biting your Nails

It’s not something anybody likes to talk about let alone admit to strangers, but biting your nails is a bad habit that many people have in common. It may seem impossible to get rid of this habit, but I am here today to share my top tips based on how I stopped biting my nails. That’s right, I have been there, I know what it feels like and I know how difficult it can be to stop but I haven’t bitten my nails in 7 years now, so I know that with some discipline and determination we can all stop. Watch the video today!

Healthy, Vegan & Super Easy Ice-Cream Recipe

As the warmest days of the year approach us, who else is craving more and more cold and refreshing ice-cream? Of course, we need to indulge ourselves once in a while but, for the most part, ice creams are usually filled with processed white sugar and dairy as well as additives and colorings. Needless to say: too much is too much. In today’s video we share a DELICIOUS but healthy ice-cream recipe which you can eat guilt free as much as you want (+ it’s good for you and your nails)! We hope you enjoy!

Pop Art Cherry Nail Art Tutorial

In today‘s nail art tutorial we show you a playful und colourful nail design. This design was inspired by so-called Pop Art - an art form that dates back to the 1950s and has firmly established itself in pop culture since then. We hope you enjoy the tutorial.

3 Nail Polish Colours to wear in the Office

Do you work in an office with a more business casual dress code? Then this video is for you! Today we share three best colours that will work perfectly for any office environment.

Why Top and Base Coat?

A lot of people ask us about top and base coat and wonder what the uses of them are. In today’s video we answer your most common questions such ›what is top and base coat?‹, ›what’s the difference between top and base coat?‹, and ›why do we recommend them‹?

Watermelon Nail Art Tutorial

Who else LOVES watermelons? In summer it’s one of the best foods to eat to feel refreshed, hydrated and satisfied. Today we also wanted to paint watermelons on our fingers to feel extra summery and fruity! We hope you enjoy!