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HALLOWEEN: Killer Spider Nail Art Tutorial

It’s been a beautiful, warm and sunny fall this year and slowly we are ›creeping‹ into the scariest holiday of the year where children run from door to door saying ›trick or treat‹. No matter if we are kids or grown-ups, Halloween can be so much fun! Today we want to show a fun Halloween nail art tutorial. We hope you enjoy!

Unique nail art and maintaining beautiful nails – an Interview with the Instagrammer “Nagelfuchs”

Sarah or “Nagelfuchs” as we know her on Instagram creates unique nail art designs and has beautiful nails we all wish we would have. With over 10,000 followers on Instagram she shares her love for computer games, anime as well as other cute and/or beautiful art through nail designs which are always 100% vegan. Her nails are what you see on our website and we often get asked “HOW can I also get nails like that!?” – today on our interview she answers this questions as well lets us in on what inspires her to create each of her unique designs.

Diamond Eye Nail Art Tutorial

A wise man once said: ›Under pressure she became a diamond, under pressure she became unbreakable.‹ - R.H. Sin. In today’s nail art tutorial we want to share this beautiful diamond eye design. With that remember that it is your bravery, stamina and strength that makes you the beautiful person you are. The most beautiful and graceful characters do not just spring from the air, they've been created through hard work and that's what makes their beauty special.

Top Fall-Winter 2018 Nail Trends

As we are sliding into the beautiful Fall-Winter season we wanted to share the three top trends for this season. Watch the video to learn what colours are in and which shape you should maintain your nails in!

Autumn Konfetti Nailart Tutorial

Autumn is one of the most beautiful and fascinating times of year. Leaves change their colours, the forests are a firey red colour and the temperatures go from freezing to warm within what feels like seconds. To match these amazing autumnal vibes we bring you a beautiful and easy nail art tutorial filled with colours from this beautiful season. We hope you enjoy!