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Snowy Night Nail Art Tutorial

We are slowly moving into the magical Christmas time and we are so excited about it! We all hope for a snowy-white Christmas and whenever we see snow falling from the sky we smile and hope that it will stay to see Christmas. In today’s video we share a super easy snowy nail art tutorial to bring that white, snowy Christmas just a little bit closer to us.

5 Awesome Things to do in the Winter

As the weather gets colder and the evenings get darker it can get hard to think about amazing things to do in the Winter because all we want to do is stay within the warmth and comfort of our homes (and eat chocolate). We at Kia-Charlotta however LOVE the winter time for so many reasons and there are things we love doing especially in the Winter. Let’s face it: Winter grants us the time do the things we don’t really give ourselves the time to do in the summer. Watch the video and learn about our top five things to do in the Winter.

Glitter Fall Nail Art Tutorial

One of the best things about the cool fall weather is sitting on your couch or bed underneath a cozy blanket whilst watching the autumn leaves dancing in the sky. Or how about going outside and picking up chestnuts as well as gold and red leaves to make beautiful garlands? Autumn truly is a magical season: playful, mysterious as well as melancholic all the same time. Today we have a nail art tutorial for you that is inspired from the magic this season brings us. Enjoy!

How to Fix Thickened or Dried-up Nail Polish

Have you ever had a nail polish that has been sitting in your shelf or drawer for a while, that you opened and realized its consistency had gone thick and it was hard(er) to apply? If nail polish is stored incorrectly or kept open for long time periods, its whole formula can be affected which often results into a thick consistency. There are ways to avoid this and, of course, ways to liquefy the consistency. Learn more on the video!