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How to: Healthy Skin

The skin is our biggest and most important organ. It protects our interior from bacteria and other external influences, but this should not be taken for granted. To keep our skin healthy and strong it is important to properly protect and nourish her. In today’s blog post we have collected some important and interesting facts about our skin and how to keep it healthy. We hope you enjoy!

How to be More Confident

All our nail polishes are given names that are meant to inspire you to be the best version of yourself. Today’s blog post is inspired by our nail polish ›Confident‹ – a raspberry pink colour. Most of us feel insecure at times and some more than others. With age we become more confident with ourselves but practicing confidence on an everyday basis from as early on as possible will help bring us to a level where you feel strong, beautiful and kick-a** every single day – after all confidence is one of the most beautiful things a girl can wear. Here are some of your tips to be or practice confidence.

A Winter Footbath with Sage

Winter is reaching its peak here in Germany and the snowy scenery makes us so happy! Whilst we love wearing warm socks to keep us warm, we also tend forget to take care of our feet in the winter (because we barely see them). Today’s little DIY is going to be perfect after those long walks in the cool and crisp air as well as nourishing to your feet. We hope you enjoy!

Gold Rain Nail Art Tutorial

Christmas is over and we have entered the new year! Even though the magical season is over we still feel the positive vibes that the new year brings us. We are ready to start this new year and see all the magical things it will bring to us. With today’s nail art tutorial, you can bring a bit of magic to your fingers. We hope you enjoy!