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Spring-Summer Collection 2019 Swatches

Hello ›Beautiful Souls‹! We are excited to introduce you to our Spring-Summer Collection 2019. This summer it’s going to be bright and vibrant on our nails with lots of girly pinks as well as blues, greens, nudes and more!

Retro Dots Nail Art Tutorial

In today’s easy nail art tutorial, we are sharing a 50s inspired design which will instantly put you in a good mood. Put on some good music and create this cute design on your nails and you will instantly feel fun and chic for your next night out!

Home Remedies for Dry and Brittle Nails

Dry and brittle nails can be a frustrating little problem that many of us unfortunately have to deal with, especially in the winter. There are however many little tricks and remedies that can help you get a grip on this problem. In today's blog post we share a couple of natural home remedies which should be easy for you to apply and do in the comfort of your home with things you already have at home. We hope you enjoy!

Nail Care Routine

Healthy and well-maintained nails are the ultimate secret for a long beautiful manicure. When you remove your nail polish, we suggest you take the time to file and moisturize your nails properly to help maintain beautiful and healthy-looking nails. In todays video we share the steps everyone should take when having a nail care day! We hope you enjoy!