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The Problem With Acetone in Nail Polish Removers

When we think nail polish remover, we think acetone. Acetone is the most common ingredient used in nail polish removers as it’s solvent however it is becoming more popular for brands to bring out a nail polish remover WITHOUT acetone. It seems many people already know that acetone isn’t “that amazing” – but do you know exactly why? In today’s blog post and video, we are going to talk about why it’s better to avoid acetone and why it’s better to choose a nail polish remover without it.

What EXACTLY is a “Free From” Nail Polish?

When it comes to finding a natural nail polish we often are confronted with term “free from” e.g. 3 Free, 7 Free, 14 Free, etc. In fact, you may have noticed that a natural nail polish doesn’t really exist and if you want to have a safer and less toxic option for a nail polish it’s best to choose a “free from” nail polish. There seems to be hundreds of options available from 3 free to up to even 20 free nail polishes and thus it seems that the best and safest option must be the nail polish that has the highest “free from” claim, right? Not necessarily. In today’s blog and video, we are talking about what exactly a “free from” nail polish is and why some brands have bigger “free from” lists than others and how we as consumers can understand them.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Beauty Products

When buying beauty products, we often pick up a packaging and have a look to see if that product could be something that suits us and our needs. What most of us don’t consider is, all the information that is actually on the packaging and what all of it means, let alone what it actually took to get this product on the shelf. Creating beauty products is a fun and exciting process but there is also a lot of little (legal) things that absolutely need to be considered before launching that product to ensure that YOU have the best experience possible. In today’s blog post and video, we share five things that you perhaps didn’t know yet about your beauty products.

Kia-Charlotta Nail Polish Remover Demo

In December we launched our natural and vegan nail polish removers in our online shop. In today’s video we will be showing you a short demonstration of both of our remover options so that you can have a better idea on how these work. We are very excited to show you just how effortlessly and effectively our vegan and natural nail polish removers will remove your nail polish. We hope you enjoy!