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5 Nail Polish Myths Debunked

Being in the “nail polish business” for 2,5 years now, we have seen and heard all sorts of things that nail polishes claim to do or be. Sometimes they are simple misunderstandings and sometimes they are a result of marketing. There are definitely some myths out there about nail polish which we feel need to be cleared up which is what we are doing in today’s video and blog post.

How is Nail Polish Actually Made?

Have you ever wondered just how a nail polish is made and how it actually works like a nail polish should work? In today’s video and blog post we are going to tell you how this is done and how a conventional nail polish will differ to a “free from” or more “natural” nail polish. Like with most beauty products, also with nail polish it’s important to understand what the function of the product is and what it needs to do in order for it to be a good quality nail polish. When you understand the function, then you can better understand the ingredients and components that the nail polish is made with. We hope you enjoy today’s video and learn something new!

5 Habits Girls with the Perfect Nails Have in Common

We all know someone who always just seems to have the most perfect looking hands and nails – never chipped, never dry and never cracked. Whilst genes and lifestyle have a lot to do with how our nails and hands look, it is usually no accident that that these girls have such great looking hands and nails… all-the-time! Check out these five habits that girls, who always have a perfect manicure, do or have in order to maintain their beautiful hands and nails.

TOP 5 Spring 2020 Nail Polish Colours

The weather is finally getting warmer, the sun is shining, and we can finally incorporate more colour into our lives including with nail polish! The spring 2020 colour trends are something that we just LOVE and cannot wait to wear more of. If there is one word to describe the colour theme of spring 2020 that would be “pastel”. Have a look at our video and blog post to learn what the top trend nail polish colours of spring 2020 are!


More time at home = more time to take care of ourselves. Many of us are often in a busy daily routine which doesn’t necessarily give us much time to pamper ourselves with good skin care or to even just try out something new. Now that we are all at home with more time, we have 11 ideas of things you can do that will help bring your beauty and skin care routine to the next level. Now is a great time to truly start taking care of our skin, hair and nails. Check out our video!