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Pastel Ombre Nail Art Tutorial

Since pastel nail polishes are so IN this summer season, it can sometimes seem hard to choose which pastel colour to paint on your nails so why not instead just create a pastel ombre rainbow with ALL the pastels? In today’s nail art tutorial, we share how to create this super easy and simple nail design with minimal equipment so that everyone can easily recreate this at home. We hope you enjoy!

Sunscreen: All You Need to Know + Our Top Picks!

We are stepping into the beautiful hot summer months which means it’s also time to seriously start applying sunscreen – like SERIOUSLY. And we mean every – single – day. By now most of us know that protecting our skin against the harmful UV rays from the sun is important in order to maintain healthy and beautiful skin (but also health in general). However, it does often seem to be such a dilemma because conventional sunscreens often include harsh chemical UV filters which can be harmful not only to our skin/health but also to the environment. But then again, when we choose a more natural or mineral sunscreen, we are left looking like ghosts as the mineral UV filters tend to leave a white layer/coating on our skin. So which sunscreen should we choose, which is best for our skin, the environment, the animals AND which doesn’t leave us looking like ghosts? In today’s blog and video find out more about why you should opt for a mineral sunscreen and some of our top sunscreen recommendations + enter our giveaway for a chance to win some mineral sunscreens!

Best Nail Polish Colours for our Toes

The hot summer months are just around the corner and we are slowly starting to take out our fave sandals and walk around with some fresh air on our feet. We all know what that means, right? Time to make sure our feet are looking summer fabulous which means getting those pedicures done. Choosing a nail polish colour for our feet is a pretty “important” decision actually. Nail polish on our toes can easily last several weeks on our feet without us feeling the need to remove it. That’s why we recommend choosing a colour which is chic and classic that will go with everything so that you don’t feel the need to change your pedicure colour as often as your manicure colour. In today’s blog post, check out our top five summer nail polish colours for our toes.

Why does Nail Polish “Smell”?

Most nail polishes, whether it’s a “free from” or a conventional nail polish will have that typical nail polish smell. With some, the smell will be stronger and with others it will be slightly milder. But why does nail polish have this smell and is it “bad” for us? We answer these questions in today’s video and blog post.