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The Story of Kia-Charlotta

This June marks Kia-Charlotta’s 3rd Birthday and we thought what better time than now to tell you our story of why we created Kia-Charlotta. It’s been an exciting and adventurous time building Kia-Charlotta and we are super happy and proud of how far we have come. But what’s more – this is all still just the beginning. Check out the video and blog post to learn more and also learn about our birthday sale!

Carmine – The Bugs in Beauty Products

One of the most commonly used animal derived ingredients in cosmetics is carmine and it is also the ingredient which makes a lot nail polishes non vegan (in addition to a few others, of course). Carmine is derived from crushed cochineal bugs – that’s right..BUGS. Whilst for many (if not most) people this is a rather gross realization and enough of a reason to avoid carmine, some people however ask why using carmine might be a “problem”. In today’s video and blog post we are going to talk about carmine, what it is and why we don’t want it in our cosmetics (or anywhere else for that matter).

5 Tips for Creating Your Vegan Beauty Routine

By now many of us know that a lot of the beauty products that we use have been either tested on animals OR include animal derived ingredients in them. It might seem like an easy decision to just switch to vegan & cruelty-free products but then you go to the store and a sense of overwhelm takes over; which products are vegan? Which brands are cruelty-free? Where do I even find vegan & cruelty-free products? Switching your beauty routine to a vegan one may seem overwhelming at first but it’s actually not that difficult if you just remember a few things. In today’s blog and video we talk about our five tips for creating your vegan beauty routine and collection.