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Vegan Recipe: Sushi Salad Bowl

Summer is definitely here, and the hot weather is making us crave healthier but also more refreshing meals. In today’s video and blog, we are sharing a super delicious sushi salad bowl recipe which is filled with healthy greens, vegetables and nutrients in general. Not only that, this salad bowl is also very filling and won’t leave you hungry! So, if you love the taste of sushi than make sure to check out this simple recipe which you can easily make at home!

Probiotics for beauty and wellbeing with her1

We always say that strong nails, clear skin and healthy hair all starts from within. What we feed our body in addition to getting all the essential nutrients and vitamins is where it all starts. Today we are going to talk about something that often gets overlooked when it comes to our health and beauty: probiotics. Probiotics are the good kind of bacteria that we want in our body and, amongst other amazing benefits, they help improve our digestion which can also have a huge impact on the health of our skin, nails and health in general. Today’s blog post is in collaboration with the amazing Her1 who have created a probiotic supplement specifically for women.

Two Easy Minimal Summer Nail Art Tutorials

Summer is a time for fun, adventure and exploring and sometimes a simple painted manicure just doesn’t seem to embrace those summer vibes. In today’s video we are sharing two super easy and minimal nail art tutorials that will brighten up your manicure into something a little more…well FUN. We hope you enjoy!

5 Tips for Kia-Charlotta Nail Polish

Today’s blog post and video are going to be about our vegan nail polishes and our best tips when using them. How to get the best opaque result? How to get the most long-lasting result? How to choose the right colour? Etc. It is our ultimate goal for you to have the best experience when painting your nails and we believe these five tips can help ensure that your vegan and toxin free manicure with your Kia-Charlotta nail polishes will always looks flawless and that they will last as long as possible. We hope you enjoy!