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Our commitment to the environment - Kia-Charlotta is climate-neutral

We at Kia-Charlotta love animals and our planet, which is why we also want to stand up for protecting them. So we can finally proudly and happily announce that we are carbon neutral! The cooperation with ClimatePartner allows us to run and design our company and all our products as eco-friendly as possible, so that we as a vegan beauty brand do our best to act as environmentally conscious and sustainable as possible. In the following post, you'll learn all about climate neutrality at Kia-Charlotta and why this issue is so important to us.

We Love Animals - Our Commitment to Animal Welfare

“I love animals” is something we hear people often say. And why wouldn’t we all love animals? They are cute, cuddly and above all innocent. However, it is no secret anymore that within society not all animals are seen equal and that whilst pets like dogs, cats, bunnies, and hamsters are loved and protected, other animals like cows, pigs & chickens are simply commodities through which we are ultimately fed, clothed, and even washed. At Kia-Charlotta we set animal welfare as a priority in anything that we do, and we are forever against animal testing. What exactly does this mean and what is the status with cruelty-free beauty within the EU? In this article you will learn more about this and we will also talk about what it exactly means when we say “we LOVE animals”.