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Sustainable Christmas Gift Wrappings

Christmas is slowly getting closer and all of us are surely busy with preparing and wrapping our presents nicely for our loved ones. We take our time to wrap them in beautiful Christmas wrapping paper, put beautiful bows on them but surely, we often forget how much trash we produce during this time. This year we’ll make a change! We will show you 5 sustainable ways to wrap your Christmas Present.

Vegan Christmas Cookies

The delicious scent of homemade Christmas cookies? Yes, because what would Christmas be without baking? The lovely Pia has prepared a super simple vegan Linzer Christmas cookie recipe for us. These wonderful jam cookies are perfect for cozy Christmas evenings and also are very easy to bake. Even as a beginner you can try this recipe to enchant the taste of your loved ones.

15 Sustainable Christmas Present Ideas

Are you still looking for wonderful sustainable Christmas presents? We put together a range where you can definitely find a match for friends and family.

Why Nail Polish is Never 100% Natural

Our nail polishes are up to 87% natural (depending on the colours) but they are not 100% natural. In fact, you might have noticed already that there isn’t really such a thing as a natural nail polish and up to 87% natural is pretty much as natural as it gets. But why can’t nail polish be 100% natural and which non-natural ingredients do we include in our nail polishes and why? We answer these questions in our blog post today!

How to Create Your Own At Home Spa for the Ultimate Relaxation

by Andrea Lozoya

We all need a bit of me-time to relax, unwind, and enjoy a little pampering. You don’t have to pay a lot of money to get the amazing experiences of a spa if you create your own at home. With a few simple tweaks and tips, you can enjoy your very own at home spa for the perfect way to practice a little bit of self-care. We’ve put together an awesome list of ideas to help you relax and create a DIY spa that’ll have you feeling calm and serene.

The favorites of Influencer Anina Gepp

We have teamed up with influencer Anina Gepp and are happy to have such a great and strong woman on board. On her Instagram account aniahimsa she talks about her conscious and sustainable life daily, gives helpful tips and inspires us with amazing recipes, yoga, outfits and a unique philosophy towards life.

What is the function of the Lunula?

Have you ever had a closer look at your nails and asked yourself what the little milky white crescent at the beginning of the nail actually means? This part of the nail is called lunula (engl. "little moon") and can actually say something about our health.

Our Fall Must Haves 2020

We're officially in fall mode and saying hello to colourful leaves, cozy clothing, and pumpkin spice lattes. With the new colours of the season, also come new colours for our nails!
Say goodbye to your colorfully bright mani and let’s welcome some warm tones on our nails like a beautiful autumnal deep red or a toned-down terracotta orange. In today’s blog post we share our five top autumn nail polish colours for 2020.

Leopard Print Nail Art Design

To all of our nail art lovers, we have a new nail art tutorial that you can easily try at home. This design will help give your manicure just that little extra “wow” effect with very minimal effort. You can choose any colours to create these designs. We hope you enjoy!

Kia’s Self-Care Routine

Amongst our daily responsibilities and to-do’s we all sometimes forget to take care of ourselves and our personal needs. Even though it can seem super hard to give yourself that much needed self-care, it’s so important that we all schedule that in our days and/or weeks. When we neglect ourselves and our personal needs we become increasingly stressed & anxious and even our skin, hair and nails might start to suffer. So, whether it’s “just” five minutes a day or one whole day a week, remember to schedule that time for just you and your needs. Self-care looks different to everyone and it’s important that you find the little things in life that make YOU feel zen. In today’s video Kia is sharing her go to self-care routine with some of her favorite natural and vegan beauty products. We hope you enjoy!

Natural Summer Footcare

Taking care of our feet is important not only for the benefits of beautiful sandal feet but also for our overall wellbeing. It’s easy to take our feet for granted, especially if we are lucky enough to walk. Everyday our feet carry the whole weight of our bodies and our two feet contain more than 50 bones which accounts for about 1/4 of all our bones in our body. The fact is that if our feet get hurt, damaged or sore we consequently become more sedentary and we all know how an inactive lifestyle can damage our overall health. On top of that, our feet are in fact our first body parts to age. In today’s blog post and video, we give you some simple natural summer footcare tips which will not only help keep your feet (and you) healthy but also keep them looking sandal beautiful.

NEWS! A New & More Natural 15 Free Formula!

Even though we are sad to see summer be almost over we are super excited to introduce some “new” colours into the Kia-Charlotta collection. This season’s collection is a super special collection which was a result of many external and internal factors. The reason we denote this season’s “new” colours with “” is because this season we are launching our first ever All-Star Collection with 15 bestselling colours chosen from colours from all of our previous collections. The amazing thing is, that these colours are all shades that YOU loved and have been asking to see relaunched and now, we have! We hope you enjoy the swatches!
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