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A Winter Footbath with Sage

Winter is reaching its peak here in Germany and the snowy scenery makes us so happy! Whilst we love wearing warm socks to keep us warm, we also tend forget to take care of our feet in the winter (because we barely see them). Today’s little DIY is going to be perfect after those long walks in the cool and crisp air as well as nourishing to your feet. We hope you enjoy!

A Winter Footbath with Sage 

Having beautiful soft feet in the summer means you have to start taking good care of your feet now! This cozy and warming footbath not only feels amazing but it is also nourishing to your feet to help you have beautiful feet.

You need:

- A handful of fresh Sage
- a few drops of lavender oil
- a few drops of peppermint oil
- 1-2 tbsp. of salt (house or bath salts)
- juice of a lemon
- fresh aloe vera


Step 1:  Cut the bottom of a stem of fresh aloe vera and then leave it in a glass for about an hour. This is important because the yellow gel that drips out of the aloe vera contains a substance which may cause skin irritations. 

Step 2: Cook 3 Litres of water and pour into a bowl which is big enough for your feet. Add the juice of the lemon, the essential oils, the sage and, if you like, you can also add some cut up lemon pieces.

Step 3: Cover your bucket or container with a towel and leave the mixture to brew for around 10 minutes. If the water is too hot you can add some cold water to make it your desired temperature.

Step 4: Place your feet in and ENJOY! 

Step 5: Once you have soaked your feet for around 10-15 minutes you can also file or scrub your feet with a foot file/scrubber to remove any dead skin and leave your feet feeling super soft. 

Step 6: Finally you can moisturize your feet with a piece of aloe vera. Cut a small piece of aloe vera in half and massage the gel directly onto your feet. See the video above. 

Did You Know?

Peppermint has an antibacterial, pain relieving and anti-inflammatory effects. The lavender scent has a relaxing effect on the senses and can help improve blood circulation. In addition, lavender is antiseptic. The lemon has an antibacterial and revitalizing effect. Their use can also have a positive effect on rheumatism and arthritis. Salt also has an antibacterial and nourishing effect and helps to remove dead skin.

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