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All About our Spring-Summer 2020 Collection

We launched our new Spring-Summer 2020 nail polish collection on the 29th of February. Each season, two times a year, we bring out 15 new colours and we, of course, need to think about which colours to select and what will be the colours that you will love that season. In today’s video we talk about the nail polish trend colours for Spring-Summer 2020, i.e. which colours are super IN and also a little bit about the theme of this season’s Kia-Charlotta nail polish collection. Enjoy! 

All About our Spring-Summer 2020 Collection

If you havn’t had a look at our new Spring-Summer 2020 nail polish collection yet then go check them out, we think you will love them! This spring-summer we have a lot of super fun, cute and simply gorgeous colours that we know you are going to love! Some of the top trends this season are pastel as well pink and the much-loved white nail polishes. This Spring-Summer 2020 season’s theme at Kia-Charlotta is “Summer of Love” and when you look at the names of the nail polishes, you will notice that they are all inspired by love & romance.
Did you watch the swatch video from our new colours yet? If not, then check it out here. 

To get inspired not only for the colours but also which names to give each of our nail polishes we always like to have a theme for each season. This season we chose the theme “Summer of Love” which quite honestly was simply the first idea we had when brainstorming and we just couldn’t stop thinking about it. And of course, all the name ideas for the nail polishes just poured out of us because what flourishes inspiration if not love? ;) 

In our new Spring-Summer 2020 collection you will see that the names all have a hint of something that reminds us of those summer love moments whether that be “Hold My Hand because who doesn’t remember the first time, they held their baes’s hand? Or “Portuguese Sunset” because is there really anything more romantic than an empty beach with a gorgeous sunset view in Portugal? Or “Something Blue” because isn’t summer the time almost everyone wants to get married in? You get the gist ;) Check out all the names and colours from the “Summer of Love” collection here.  

So, what exactly is IN this season? The Spring-Summer season’s trend colours are girly, cute, chic, and super easy to wear colours but we at Kia-Charlotta made sure to also include some darker colours and more neutral shades to ensure that everyone can find their favourite Spring-Summer nail polish from our collection.



This Spring-Summer we are going to see A LOT of pastel shades not only in fashion but also on our nails and make-up. Because of this we made sure to make our Spring-Summer 2020 collection a pastel filled collection including a pastel lavender, a pastel mint green, a pastel melon orange, a pastel light coral and a pastel pink nail polish.
TIP! We recommend three coats of nail polish when using pastel shades to really get that desired opaque finish.

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This Spring-Summer we also see a lot of pink in fashion, especially hot pink shades so we made sure to include a ton of different shades of pink into our new collection including a metallic pearl pink, a metallic watermelon pink and a crimson red/pink shade.

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Isn’t white always in trend? Absolutely and there is nothing more classically beautiful than a white summer dress but this Spring-Summer 2020 season we are going to see a lot more white not only in our fashion items but also on our nails. We were super excited to include our classic white nail polish shade “Seashell Seashell” to our collection this season.

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When it comes to nail polish, metallics are always “in trend” and we LOVE metallics not only because they always look so glam and chic but also because they are so easy to wear and apply. Trust us, if you are in a hurry than choose a metallic nail polish, paint one coat and you are good to go! This season we were happy to introduce a metallic copper, a metallic rusty red (super in love with this by the way) and a metallic aubergine shade.

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We hope you enjoyed today’s blog post and hot some inspiration for your new nail polish you colours you want to have this Spring-Summer!

Have an amazing day!  

Lots of LOVE,
Your Kia-Charlotta Team

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