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Autumn Inspired Nail Art Tutorial

Whole else loves autumn? At Kia-Charlotta it is our favourite time of the year and we don't want to say goodbye to it. That's why we have a beautiful autumn inspired nail art tutorial to show you, which would also be perfect for the Christmas season because of the beautiful gold accents. Watch the video or read the steps below. 

Nail Art Tutorial Video:

Steps for the tutorial:

Step 1: Start off by applying a base coat to all your nails. This will help the nail polish to stick to your nails longer and better. 

Step 2: Paint your fore finger with an orange or red colour  e.g. ›Learn‹ or ›Smiles‹ from Kia-Charlotta. Paint your middle and ring finger with a champagne gold colour  e.g. ›Good Vibes‹ from Kia-Charlotta. Paint your little finger with a teal colour e.g. ›Forgive‹ from Kia-Charlotta. You may choose which colour you would like to paint your thumb with. We would suggest teal i.e. ›Forgive‹.

Step 3: Paint some leaf shapes and forms on your middle and ring finger with the orange or red colour using a dotter tool and/ or a small brush. Once you have painted the leaf shapes, make sure to paint a little stem on them too so they look more like leaves.


Step 4: Once the leaves have dried (approx. 5 minutes) paint little stem details into the leaves with the teal nail polish. 


Step 5: Dip a brush into nail polish remover and remove any stains on your fingers or skin.


Step 6: Once the nail polish has dried (approx. 5-7 minutes), apply a top coat on each finger. This will ensure a long lasting beautiful manicure. After you have applied the top coat let dry for 5-10 minutes before you start doing any activities where you use your hands. 


That was the nail art tutorial for today! I hope you enjoyed and we can't wait to see you guys in the next video/ blog post!

Shop the nail polishes used in this video (click the colour):

Learn (Terracotta)
Smiles (Rusty red)
Good Vibes (Gold)
Forgive (Dark Teal)

Lots of LOVE,


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