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Autumn Konfetti Nailart Tutorial

Autumn is one of the most beautiful and fascinating times of year. Leaves change their colours, the forests are a firey red colour and the temperatures go from freezing to warm within what feels like seconds. To match these amazing autumnal vibes we bring you a beautiful and easy nail art tutorial filled with colours from this beautiful season. We hope you enjoy!

Autumn Konfetti Nailart Tutorial 

Schritt 1: Start by applying a base coat

Schritt 2: Apply two coats of a nude colour e.g. our sparkling nude ›Unique‹. 

Schritt 3: Once dry, take a dotter tool and paint copper dots on all your nails (as seen in the video above) with. A metallic copper nail polish e.g. ›Amazing‹. 

Schritt 4:  With a new dotter tool paint red dots on all your nails with red nail polish e.g. ›Successful‹. See video above. 

Schritt 5: Finally also paint golden dots on all your nails with a god nail polish e.g. ›Good Vibes‹.

Schritt 6: Once your nail polish is dry, apply a top coat ensure maximum longevity. 

Psst. Remember to tag us on Instagram with #kiacharlotta when you recreate this design. 

Lots of Love

Your Kia-Charlotta Team

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