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Beauty From the Inside Ep.1 - ›Be Grateful‹

Some of you may have noticed that all our nail polishes have names inspired from self-love, positivity or motivation. That's because we believe that beautiful souls make a beautiful world. Work on yourself, learn and grow and become the best version of you, you can be. When your soul shines so does your exterior. We also want to create positive content thats not only about the exterior beauty but also that from the inside. This is our first episode and we will start by talking about gratitude from which our berry pink nail polish (›Be Grateful‹) got its name from. We hope you enjoy!


Why Gratitude Can Make us Happier

If you have a roof on top of your head, get to drink a cup of coffee or tea in the morning or have clothes to wear, there are already plenty of reasons for all of us to greet the day with gratitude. Sure it is easier to take these things for granted but conciously being grateful for even the smallest things can truly transform your life. Here are some reasons why gratitude can make us happier:

1. Gratitude can make any experience more memorable
If you bring a whole heart load of gratitude into any experience, I can almost guarantee you will have a completely different experience than you would normally have. Just try it out. Next time you meet up with your friend for coffee, conciously be grateful for every little thing: your coffee, your friend, the seat you got, the warm room you are in, etc. You will instantly feel like you having an unforgettable experience. 

2. Gratitude makes us less materialistic
Whilst practising gratitude daily, you will find yourself saying thanks to many things that you own. You might find yourself being grateful for so many things that you can't even imagine what else you would need. Gratitude makes us appreciate all the things we have and we start to only invite new things in our life that truly bring us joy. 

3. Gratitude makes us more relaxed
When ever you feel stressed or worried or any other more negative feeling try to play a little game of gratitude. Think about all the things you are grateful for. On these times its especially good to concentarte on the simple things: clean water, a roof on top of your head a bed to sleep on, etc. When you can shift your mind to all the things you truly feel grateful for, you will find yourself being less stresseds and you will also find yourself feeling relaxed quicker. We all face stress every now and then but with gratitude you can truly minimise that or heal quicker.

4. Gratitude makes us more optimistic
When we can be grateful for even the smallest things, we can be sure to always have something to be grateful for and gratitude brings peace and happyness to our soul. There is always something to be grateful for. What an amazing life we have and will have in the future.

In conclusion, practising gratitude in your day to day life can truly bring more joy in your life. We hope we have inspired you to practise more gratitude and to start feeling the amazing benefits! 

Lots of love and thank you for reading,


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