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Best Nail Polish Colours for our Toes

The hot summer months are just around the corner and we are slowly starting to take out our fave sandals and walk around with some fresh air on our feet. We all know what that means, right? Time to make sure our feet are looking summer fabulous which means getting those pedicures done. Choosing a nail polish colour for our feet is a pretty “important” decision actually. Nail polish on our toes can easily last several weeks on our feet without us feeling the need to remove it. That’s why we recommend choosing a colour which is chic and classic that will go with everything so that you don’t feel the need to change your pedicure colour as often as your manicure colour. In today’s blog post, check out our top five summer nail polish colours for our toes.

Best Nail Polish Colours for our Toes 

As the summer months are getting closer it’s time to start giving those toenails a beautiful summer pedicure. Nail polish on our toenails can easily last several weeks, even up to 4 weeks, without chipping. Whilst we don’t necessarily recommend leaving a polish on your nails for that long, we also know that you definitely don’t have to change you pedicure colour as often as your manicure colour (we recommend two weeks max with nail polish on your toe nails) . This is why, when it comes to toenails, we recommend choosing something more “classic” which will go with any outfit or occasion – that way you are always good to go and don’t have to think about the colour on your toes all too often.  

When it comes to colour and colour on our nails we are all different (of course). There is no wrong answer and what will forever look best on your toenails is ultimately what you feel is the most “you”. Here however is our top five selection for nail polish colours for our toes for this this summer 2020:


Not only is white a top trend “colour” for this summer 2020 season, it’s also very classic and chic. White on our toes always works and it will go with absolutely any outfit. A white nail polish on our toes also looks amazing next to our tanned, sun-kissed feet.
Check out Seashell Seashell for a classic and opaque white nail polish. 

2. RED

When it comes to nail polish, red is the absolute classic of classics. Red nail polish is especially great for business environments so if work in an office, you are going to want to find that perfect red colour which you can maintain your pedicure with. For anyone who doesn’t really know which colour would be best for their toes – choose red – it simply never fails anyone. AND there are so many different shades of red to choose from:
Check out I Can for a classic bright summer red.
Check out Hustle for a berry toned red.
Check out Successful for a darker cherry red. 


If you want a colour with a little more summer vibes but still a subtle tone, an apricot or orange melon nail polish colour is going to be perfect for you. We like to call this the perfect summer “nude”.
Check out She Said Yes for a melon orange/ apricot.


Nude is another beautiful “colour” for both our manicure and feet. It’s probably the most chic and safe “colour” you can wear on your feet (or nails) and is going to be perfect for any occasion. We also recommend nude for anyone who feels more insecure about their toes. You won’t too much attention with nude whilst still having a chic manicure.
Check out Missing You for a summery sandy nude.
Check out Intuitive Energy for a classic nude.


Finally, we have a coral nail polish which always manages to bring an amazing pop of colour whilst still looking classy and cute. It’s a mixture of the perfect amount of red and pink which makes a coral nail polish look especially good on our toes + it looks extra good when we have a little bit of a tan.
Check out Summer Romance for a bright coral.
Checkout A Wildflower for a coral pink. 

Those were our top five colours for nail polish colours for our toes/pedicure. We hope you got some inspiration and now, we would love to know which is your go-to colour for your toenails!

Lots of LOVE,
Your Kia-Charlotta Team

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