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Best Nail Polishes for Christmas

It’s December and everybody is starting to be in their best festive mood! During Christmas time, it’s fun to also paint our nails with Christmas-perfect colours which is what will be sharing in today’s video! Whether that be for yourself or as a great Christmas gift idea for your loved ones we have some amazing colours that are going to make this season that much more festive! We hope you enjoy! 

When it comes to Christmas 2018 nail polishes we think there are three main colour categories: 

Red is always a classic when it comes to nail polish but in the Christmas time it is definitely a must have! There are plenty of different shades that you can choose from and here are our top three:

1. Unstoppable – Sparkling Red
2. Successful – Cherry Red
3. Strong – Mahogany (vamp red)

Metallic nail polishes tend to always look more festive and party-perfect which makes them an amazing option for the Christmas time. We have chosen two metallics that we think you are going to LOVE:

1. Fearless – Metal
2. Good Vibes – Gold

In addition to red and metallics there are a few other colours that are particularly perfect for the Christmas season e.g. a darker green colour which is a classic Christmas colour, a deep blue which always looks elegant and is used a lot in Christmas outfits or even decorations, and of course the classic black because it just goes with everything. Here our choices:

1. In the Jungle – Kale Green
2. A Brave Soul – Black
3. Talented – Denim Blue

We hope this video was helpful and you got some inspiration for your Christmas nails or presents! We would love to know which colour you will be wearing on Christmas! Let us know in the comments!

Lots of LOVE,

Your Kia-Charlotta Team

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