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Cloudy Nail Art Tutorial

›You can do anything you want and it’s going to look nice. ‘Cause you did it and you’re wonderful and you have to believe that.‹ -Bob Ross

There are some days that make us remember being the happy and curious child we used to be. Mostly because something happened that made us go back a few years ago, for example finding an old picture we almost forgot about our reading one of our childhood books. For those moments we‘ve got the perfect tutorial. In today's video we share an incredibly cute and dreamy nail design. It's not only adorable and fits the sunny weather, but also it is super easy for anyone to recreate. We wish you lots of fun! 

Cloudy Nails Nail Art Tutorial

Step 1: Apply Base Coat on all your nails.

Step 2: Apply either two thick or three thin coats of light blue nail polish on all nails except your ring finger (e.g. No Stress).

Step 3: Once dry, use a dotter tool and white nail polish (e.g. Seashell Seashell) to dab white dots on the blue painted nails so they look like little clouds as seen in the video above.
Tip: If you do not have a dotter tool you can also use a ball pin.

Step 4: Now we come to the ring finger. Draw a rainbow with a thin paint brush and bright colors. Start at the top on the right and draw several narrow arcs to the bottom on the left as seen in the video above. Repeat this step with several colors such as green (e.g. Don't Worry), Pink (e.g.Stay Wild), Red (e.g. Adventure), Apricot (e.g. Be Curious) and Blue (e.g. No Stress).

Step 5: Now draw two little clouds on both ends of the rainbow as seen in the video above.

Step 6: Use a small brush and nail polish remover to remove any excess nail polish from around your fingers.

Step 7: Once dry, apply our Top Coat on your nails.

We hope you enjoyed todays nail art tutorial and that you give it a try! 

Psst. Make sure to tag us on Instagram if you decide to recreate this design #kiacharlotta.

Lots of Love,


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