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Coral Nail Art Tutorial

Summer is definitely at its peak and what better to do than paint our nails with bright and vibrant colours? In today’s video we show you a girly gold + coral pink nail art design which reminds us of vacation in the Caribbean snorkelling between the beautiful coral reefs. We hope you enjoy!

Step 1: Apply base coat on all your nails.

Step 2: Paint all your nails with two coats of a coral pink nail polish (e.g. Ambition or A Wildflower) and wait until everything is dry.

Step 3: Now pour some golden nail polish (e.g. Good Vibes) in a small bowl or other glass surface and dab the top of a fan brush into the nail polish. Wipe off any access nail polish before you move on. See video above.

Step 4: With loose hand movements, spread the nail polish on your ring-and middle finger. See video above. 

Step 5: Place a piece of tape diagonally on your index finger and use the same technique as seen in step 4 and take the tape off right after.

Step 6: Following, use a thin paint brush and the same golden nail polish (e.g. Good Vibes) and draw a diagonal line on your index finger. Then draw a diagonal line on your middle finger and fill out the lower part of your nail. And once again, draw a diagonal line on your pinkie. See video above for details.

Step 7: Use a Q-Tip and some nail polish remover to remove any excess nail polish from around your fingers. 

Step 8: Once dry, apply our Top Coat on your nails to ensure a long lasting manicure.

Psst. Make sure to tag us on Instagram if you decide to recreate this design #kiacharlotta.

Lots of Love,

Kia-Charlotta Team



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