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Daisy Nail Art Tutorial

›Spring is here, spring is there, spring is everywhere!‹

Spring has finally arrived! Nature has awakened and the flowers and shrubs finally say hello. Fitting for the new season, we have a new and beautiful tutorial for you. We wish you a sunny day and have fun with the tutorial!

Daisy Nail Art Tutorial

Step 1: Apply base coat on all your nails.

Step 2: Paint all your Nails with two coats of a white colour (e.g Seashell Seashell).

Step 3: Take a small sponge and paint the edge with two layers of white nail polish (e.g. Seashell Seashell) and directly above with a light blue nail polish (e.g. No Stress) as seen in thr video above.

Step 4: Once the nail polish on your fingers is dry, gently dab the sponge with the colours on your nails. Make sure the blue color is on top and the white color on the fingertips as seen in the above. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each finger.

Step 5: Afterwards, remove the excess paint from your fingers using a Q-tip and/or small brush and some nail polish remover.

Step 6: Use a dotter tool to apply small white dots on your nails (e.g Seashell Seashell).
Tipp: In case you do not have a dotter tool you can also use a ball pin.

 Step 7:  Now use a thin nail art brush and draw small white blossoms around the white dots.

Step 8: Wait until everything is dry and dab small dots with an orange colour (e.g. Heliophilia) in the middle of the flowers using a dottertool.

Step 9: Once dry, apply our top coat on your nails.

We hope you enjoyed todays nail art tutorial! Remember to enjoy the upcoming season, try something you have never tried before, lay down in the sun and welcome those little wonders nature will offer you.

Psst. Make sure to tag us on Instagram if you decide to recreate this design #kiacharlotta.

Lots of Love,



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