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Diamond Eye Nail Art Tutorial

A wise man once said: ›Under pressure she became a diamond, under pressure she became unbreakable.‹ - R.H. Sin. In today’s nail art tutorial we want to share this beautiful diamond eye design. With that remember that it is your bravery, stamina and strength that makes you the beautiful person you are. The most beautiful and graceful characters do not just spring from the air, they've been created through hard work and that's what makes their beauty special.

›Shine bright like a diamond.‹

Diamond Eye Nail Art Tutorial

Step 1: Start by applying a base coat.

Step 2: Apply a pearl coloured nail polish e.g. Magic on all your nails. 

Step 3: Apply a light blue or icy lavender nail polish (e.g. Free) on your pinky as well on your for finger. See video above.

Step 4: With a small brush paint a diagonal line on the tip of your ring finger with the same icy lavender colour as in step 3. Then paint the rest of the tip with the lavender nail polish. You can clean the edges with a small brush or q-tip and nail polish remover. See video above.

Step 5: Repeat step 4 on your middle finger. See video above.

Schritt 6: Now repeat step 4 on your pinky and fore finger except instead of the lavender nail polish use the pearl colours nail polish (e.g. Magic)

Step 7: With a dotter tool paint big conjoining dots along the diagonals on our nails with a metallic nail polish e.g. Fearless. See video above. 

Step 8: With a smaller dotter tool paint small black dots in the center of the metallic dots. We suggest to use our A Brave Soul. See video above.

Step 9: Once the nail polish has dried, apply a top coat on each nail to ensure maximum longevity

Psst. Remember to tag us on Instagram with #kiacharlotta when you recreate this design. 

Lots of LOVE,
Your Kia-Charlotta Team

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