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Eco-Friendly Beauty Tips

People are becoming more aware of the amount of waste they produce which is why low waste and package free concepts and stores are becoming more and more popular. However, our beauty routines are such a big part of our daily lives that it can be hard to adjust it to be more sustainable and eco-friendly In today’s video we have gathered some tips on what you can change up in your beauty routine to be more eco-friendly. We hope you enjoy!

Eco-Friendly Beauty Tips

Today sustainability is such an important factor in our buying decisions, and we love that. People want to make sure that what they are using has the smallest negative effect on our environment, the animals and, of course, people. There is so much that we could do yet changing everything at once can be a big strain and stress on our everyday lives. Being mindful and aware of our choices is a great place to start, also with our beauty routines. Here are some of our tips on what you can change up in your routine to be more eco-friendly. Do what you can, when you can and know that every little daily choice is already making a difference. 

1. Choose a product/ brand that matches your sustainability values
By now you might have noticed that just like every person, every company too has their own sustainability values and priorities. The good thing most companies today have a sustainability policy which you can read about on their website. Today you can find make-up brands with reusable packaging, toothbrushes made out of bamboo and reusable make-up pads. Do your research and find the brand that makes products that you love and whose sustainability values and priorities match yours.  

2. Use up your products + avoid using disposable items e.g. make-up remover wipes when possible
At Kia-Charlotta we go with the motto “less is more” which is why our nail polish bottles are “only” 5 ml. This way customers can use all their nail polish instead of having dried out nail polish lying around the house because they never used the whole bottle. Too much product = more waste, less product = much less - no waste. This goes with any product. Try your best to use up all your products and not throw things away. Keep your beauty collection minimal.
Also, avoid using disposable items such as make-up remover wipes. Wash your face using a face wash and your hands or a reusable make-up remover pad. We love these from Pandoo

3. Make your own nail oil and use a reusable applicator
Whilst it might seem easy and simple to buy a nail care oil from your favourite brand this really is quite unnecessary. You can easily make your own nail oil using oils you already have at home. If you want to use an applicator you can be a reusable one from e.g. Amazon. 

4. Use bamboo Q-tipps instead of plastic
One of the more difficult items to replace are our Q-tips. Let’s face it, this little tool is necessary to clean our ears, yet most Q-tips are made out of plastic and need to be disposed. While reusable Q-tips are unlikely to ever become a thing there are bamboo Q-tips which are a more sustainable option and can be recycled. We love these from Pandoo

There are surely many more things we could do in our beauty routine to be more sustainable. These were our top picks and a good place to start with. We hope this could help you out. Finally, we would love to hear your sustainable beauty tips in the comments! Thanks for watching!

Lots of LOVE,
Your Kia-Charlotta Team

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