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FAQ: How to Store Nail Polish

Typically a nail polish will last approx. 2 years after opening. It may last you longer or perhaps much shorter, also largely depending on how you store it. A lot of you have asked us: how do I optimally store my nail polish? Here are some of our best tips to make sure your nail polish lasts as long as possible. Watch the video here. 

Tip 1:
Keep your nail polish away from sunlight. Direct sunlight can affect the pigments in your nail polish which can in turn either affect the colour and/ or the consistency of your nail polish (the pigments are largely responsible for the consistency of the nail polish).

Tip 2:
Always store your nail polish upright and do not store your nail polish lying down, upside down, etc. Why? After a couple of weeks of not using your nail polish the pigments may have separated a little and the pigments are much easier to shake back together when the nail polish has been stored upright.

Tip 3:
Do not store your nail polish (or any other make-up for that matter) In the bathroom. The temperature and humidity is constantly changing in the bathroom when you shower, do laundry or perhaps simply wash your face. Humidity and changing temperatures can negatively affect the consistency of the nail polish e.g. make it thicker or separate pigments.

Tip 4:
You may optionally store your nail polish in the refrigerator. This is especially good to do if you live in warmer or more humid climates. In the refrigerator the nail polish will be in a cool and dark place away from the sun and the temperature will remain constant. The colder temperature will also better help keep the pigments together.

Tip 5:
Generally, store your nail polish upright in a dark and cool place e.g. in a cupboard.

Those are our tips on storing your nail polish which will help extend the life spam of your nail polish.  We hope this could help you and that you can now find a great home for your nail polishes.

Have an amazing day!

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