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Happy New Year! - Nail Art Tutorial

Another year has passed and a new year is beginning! We at Kia-Charlotta want to start our year off with some style and fun with this amazing and easy nail art we share today! 


Happy New Year! - Nail Art Tutorial

Step 1: Apply a base coat on all your nails

Step 2: Paint all your nails with black nail polish (Brave Soul from Kia-Charlotta).  Allow to dry thoroughly.

Step 3: Start painting little stars on your fore finger and pinky with a white nail polish (Seashell Seashell by Kia-Charlotta) as seen in the video above.

Step 4: On your ring and middle finger start painting a firework-like painting by first painting a big gold (Good Vibes by Kia-Charlotta) star shape as seen in the video above. Then add some purple strokes (Pretty Awesome by Kia-Charlotta), pink strokes (Be Grateful by Kia-Charlotta), white strokes (Seashell Seashell by Kia-Charlotta) and some more gold strokes as seen in the video.

Step 5: Remove all excess nail polish from cuticles and fingers with nail polish remover and a small brush.

Step 6: Apply top coat on each nail. 

We hope you enjoed today’s nail art! We want to wish you all a happy new year! We cannot wait to see what 2018 brings us!

Lots of love,

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