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How to Avoid Dry Hands & Nails in Winter

Most of us know that familiar uncomfortable feeling of dry, itchy & brittle hands and nails that the winter months bring us. As the air gets colder it starts to strip the natural oils from our hands which results in us having dryer hands. Luckily there are simple habits and things we can do to avoid dry hands in the winter and keep them feeling soft and nourished. 

How to Avoid Dry Hands & Nails in Winter   

Keeping our hands and nails soft and heathy during the winter months is quite easy and simple as long as you are ready introduce some new winter hand and nail care habits into your daily routine. 

Here are our five top tips to do to avoid dry hands during the winter: 

1.Wear Gloves
Wearing gloves in the winter is not only good to keep your hands warm but it is also crucial to maintain a smooth soft skin. Cold and crisp air strips away the natural oils in our hands which leaves them dry and itchy. Always keep gloves in with you so that you don’t expose your hands to the cold temperatures for prolonged periods.
Pro tip: Apply a hand cream right before you wear gloves and your hands will feel super soft and nourished when you take them off later that day. 

2. Use Hand Cream
If you don’t yet have a hand cream which you can carry around with you everywhere you go now is the time to get one. There are little things more uncomfortable than the feeling of dry hands and having no hand cream to help keep them moisturized. The longer you wait to moisturize your hands when they feel dry, the drier the will get. It’s an evil little cycle. This is why we suggest you make it a habit to apply hand cream at least 2-3 times a day in order prevent dryness from happening. 

3. Use a Nail Oil to Moisturize Your Cuticles
Like our skin on our hands, our nails also carry natural oils in them which are stripped by the cold and crisp winter air. Our cuticles can be especially prone to dryness which is why we recommend using a nail oil to keep them extra nourished and moisturized. 

Check out our DIY nail oil here: DIY Vegan Nail Oil
Check out the best oils for hand and nails here: Amazing Oils For Your Nails 

4. Avoid alcohol (or hand sanitizers with alcohol)
Keeping our hands clean is so important especially when in public places. It’s a great idea to use a hand sanitizer to keep the germs and bacteria at bay however try to find a hand sanitizer without alcohol. Alcohol can be quite harsh to our skin and also contributes to stripping any natural oils from our hands. Try to instead use a hand sanitizer without alcohol and remember to moisturize your hands with some hand cream. 

5. Exfoliate
This might sound counter intuitive at first, however exfoliation is very important to maintain smooth and soft hands. Exfoliation helps remove any dead skin from our hands which in turn helps our hands to absorb any oils and moisture easier. Exfoliate your hands once a weak to feel the benefits. We do not however suggest exfoliation when your hands are already extremely dry and itchy. Wait for them to heal until you exfoliate again.  

Lots of Love,
Your Kia-Charlotta Team 

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