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How to be More Confident

All our nail polishes are given names that are meant to inspire you to be the best version of yourself. Today’s blog post is inspired by our nail polish “Confident” – a raspberry pink colour. Most of us feel insecure at times and some more than others. With age we become more confident with ourselves but practicing confidence on an everyday basis from as early on as possible will help bring us to a level where you feel strong, beautiful and kick-a** every single day – after all confidence is one of the most beautiful things a girl can wear. Here are some of your tips to be or practice confidence. 

7 Ways to be More Confident

Smiling always makes us feel better. It is basically reflect to be filled with confidence whilst smiling. It makes us look friendlier, happier and approachable. So why not smile as much as you can! Smile when you get to work, when you sit in the train or simply whilst you are walking down the street. It’s the quickest, most sure way to boost your confidence. 

We all know that feeling before a job interview when we feel we have lost complete control of our body. Your breathing is rapid, and your pulse is high. It’s time to just BREATHE. Pay attention to your breathing and take small breaks every now and then to simply sit back and breathe. When you can relax and focus on your breathing you will be less nervous and start radiating confidence. 

It makes us sad to see women and men hiding in their hoods or scarves or simply looking down whilst walking in public as if to hide something. There is nothing to hide. Start believing that and practice it every single day: hold your head up high and don’t be afraid to face the world. You are BEAUTIFUL! Walking with your head heal high is an easy way to boost your confidence in a matter of seconds.

Feeling good and healthy from the inside out is a sure way to feel more confident. We’ve all heard it before that regular exercise is a part of a healthy lifestyle. It’s simply true – taking care of our bodies with healthy nutrition and exercise makes us feel good from the inside and out which always improves our confidence because we simply FEEL so good. 

If anything, confidence is like a muscle – you need to train it to get better at it. What better way than to simply do the things you are most afraid of. It might feel uncomfortable at first, but consistent repetition will start to make you feel better and better in those situations. Start small like volunteer to be the first to present your presentation in school or call the office of your dream employee and simply ask if there is something available. We promise that if you keep challenging yourself to go out of your comfort zone you will feel super confident in no time. 

Do you know that feeling when you are sitting with a group of people and you have a thought about the topic but are for whatever reason too shy or afraid to share it (because it may contradict the others or might even be plain wrong)? Stop thinking too much and just say it! We are all wrong sometimes and know that great conversations are built from contradicting points of views. We promise everyone wants to hear your thoughts and opinions. Oh and also: don’t be too afraid of conflict. Voicing your opinions and thoughts in any situation is a great way to level up your confidence!

One sure way to immediately feel more confident is to feel good about yourself and what better way to feel about yourself than to help others or do random acts of kindness towards others? It’s a win-win the other person will feel good and you will also know that you have brought positivity to someone’s day. 

We hope you enjoyed this blog post and can start to feel more and more confident every day!

Lots of LOVE,

Your Kia-Charlotta Team

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