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How to Fix Thickened or Dried-up Nail Polish

Have you ever had a nail polish that has been sitting in your shelf or drawer for a while, that you opened and realized its consistency had gone thick and it was hard(er) to apply? If nail polish is stored incorrectly or kept open for long time periods, its whole formula can be affected which often results into a thick consistency. There are ways to avoid this and, of course, ways to liquefy the consistency. Learn more on the video!

How to Fix Thickened or Dried-up Nail Polish

Needless to say, it’s not fun trying to apply a thickened or dried-up nail polish. It’s clumpy and the result is anything but smooth and shiny. Why does this happen to some nail polishes? The first thing we have to remember is that nail polish is a very unique make-up product in which it is liquid in the bottle and turns hard on your nails i.e. when exposed to air. That being said, air stiffens up your nail polish and when too much air enters the nail polish bottle, it affects the whole formula, and, with time, it can begin to thicken up. This is why, if the nail polish dries-up, you will only notice it after several uses of the nail polish. The more often you apply it, the more air will enter the bottle (every time you open it) and the more your nail polish is affected. Additionally, storing your nail polish incorrectly can separate the ingredients which can also affect the consistency of your nail polish. Please check our blog post on how to store nail polish here.

How to prevent thickened or dried-up nail polish?

The best and most important thing to do to avoid dried-up nail polish is prevention. Here are some tips:

1. When applying nail polish remember to close the cap between coats i.e after your first coat, close the bottle for a while and then start applying the second coat of nail polish. Also make sure you always close your nail polish bottle properly so that it is as air tight as possible. 

2. Store your nail polish in an upright position in a cool and dark place. The sun and heat can negatively affect the consistency of the nail polish. 

3. Before applying the nail polish, rub it between the warmth of your palms to properly mix the formula so that it has its optimal consistency.

4. Only purchase nail polishes which have a metal ball in them already (e.g. Kia-Charlotta nail polishes). This metal ball helps to properly mix all ingredients for optimal consistency. Alternatively, if your nail polish does not have a metal ball in it, you can also purchase this yourself and put it in the bottle. Shake your bottle rapidly up and down to hear if your nail polish has one or not.

5. Be mindful when purchasing your nail polishes. Try to keep your collection to a minimum and opt for smaller bottles. 5 ml is more than enough for up to 6 months. This not only prevents the nail polish from drying up (because there is not too much product to have time to dry-up) but also creates less waste. 

How to fix already thickened or dried-up nail polish?

If you see that your nail polish already has unusually thick consistency, try the following methods to liquefy the consistency:

1. A Hot Water “Bath”. 
The heat and steam will help the thick consistency of the nail polishes to loosen up so that you can mix/shake the formula back to its normal consistency. Simply pour some hot water into a bowl and place the nail polishes in there for 30-60 minutes.

2. Nail Polish Remover
You can also put a small amount of nail polish remover into the dried-up nail polish to help it liquefy again. Nail polish remover works perfectly because it often has a same base as nail polish does so it won’t negatively affect the formula (like water would). However, use very small amounts to ensure that the nail polish doesn’t get too liquid ;) Also, if you tend to use natural nail polish removers (which we highly recommend for removing nail polish off your fingers), it’s best not to use them for mixing with nail polish since they often contain oils which will definitely not help with nail polish application. There are many vegan nail polish removers you can find in drugstores that do not contain oil (or acetone) that would be good for this purpose. 

I hope we could help you out with this blog post. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Make sure to share the love and share this post with your friends and family.

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